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Diet Doctors

Did anyone watch the diet doctors yesterday on five us yesterday, it had a section on vlcds and basically it was a woman who had been on them and then got into a cycle of ss and eating and her weight yo-yo, she has to take various clothes in different sizes because her weight fluctuates so much day to day. Pretty scary, the diet doctors says the best way to lose weight is sensible eating and exercise???
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Of course it is .... in an ideal world.

I wish I'd never gotten into ANY dieting / weight loss yo-yo pattern but unfortunately I have and so, until I can stabilise this destructive pattern, and straighten out my head, I just have to 'deal with it' (as most of us who've jumped on the dieting merry-go-round have). For me, that seems to mean an endless round of feast or famine. It's nuts but there you have it.
'Sensible eating' is something I do all the time ... but how do you cope with the binging when THAT is your problem? When I'm not on a VLCD, what I eat in puiblic and at meal times isn't the problem - it's the thrashing myself over a bin with a packet of penguins that does the damage.

The GOOD thing about a VLCD is that, if you have stacks to lose, you see results before you get disheartened. The BAD thing is that it 'can' mess with your head.
I know what you are talking about RD, at my heaviest 21stone, i overeat emotionally at home away fro m the kids and everyone, i control the kids eating but when it comes to mine I cant. Ive had severe depression, and cant seem to sole source, the cause of the depression isnt my wieght, i dont have a reason for my severe moods, except it seems to run in the family, my brother has schitzophrenia, and i have a sister with severe depression, i also have an older sister who had a gastric bypass operation, on my grandad side all his sisters where morbidly obese and Im at a place where I cant get out of, even eating my favourite foods doesnt seem to lift my moods. I thought that Cb would be the answer to the problem but I just cant stick to it, I eat, i fail and i feel worse, I eat again, i havent even gone a full two days in a row, i have lost a stone since i started, but i think thats due to eating less which cb has helped me with.

Anyway have gone to the doctors and am currently signed off work, he has suggested and refered me to councilling and behaviour therapy, also he mentioned that going to the gym and exercisign when the my little children are in preschool will help lift my mood because you get your serotonin levels boosted, i have joined a gym, got my first appointment on thursday and i hopeful it works after all exercise is natures natural antidepessant. the thing is I cant ss and exercise because my personal trainer said I would need a minimum of 1500 cals a day to be safe when exercising, so im thinking, porridge with fruit for breakfast, lean turkey/chicken wit vegs at lunchtime after workout, dinner Im not sure but probably something very light.
I think cb works if you have the emotional stability but if your like me and suffer from low moods it can get you into a cycle of hurting yourself thru it. its a good programme, I just wish it suited me.

I'm afraid to say that I am prone to doing exactly this too:cry: Nothing in particular to do with CD, I guess it's just more obvious with CD. I would be the same on any diet. I just don't know how to sort out my head :break_diet:
dont worry mrs D, im gonna still be around and post afterall Im still the snake champion.

Ive still gotta tell my councillor that im gonna come off cb for a ouple of months to take the doctors advice, ive made so many friends thru cb:D
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Any time you need to talk there'll always be someone here to listen Naomi.:)

I'm so jealous that you're the snake champion too! I've already spent too much time trying to improve on my Bejewelled score! :rolleyes:
Did anyone watch the diet doctors yesterday on five us yesterday, it had a section on vlcds and basically it was a woman who had been on them and then got into a cycle of ss and eating and her weight yo-yo, she has to take various clothes in different sizes because her weight fluctuates so much day to day. Pretty scary, the diet doctors says the best way to lose weight is sensible eating and exercise???
Let's face it there are so many different schools of thought on the best way to diet - a new diet comes out every week. Your local GP will bleat out the Government' scurrent guldelines on what we should eat - in spite of them only being General Practitioners who have none or limited training in nutrition. Even the women's mags bleat out som new idea every week. Which are we supposed to follow?

I don't agree with the diet doctors. My opinion is that sensible eating and exercise will maintain a healthy weight but it will not help anyone to lose weight. How can it? If you need to lose weight you need to either take in less food than you are currently eating or maintain the food and step up your exercise or a combination of both.

The woman who got into a cycle of SS and eating and her weight yo-yoing clearly did not follow the diet properly. If she had done so she would have gone on to the higher plans for a sufficient amount of time for her to be able to determine how much her body needed to consume in order to maintain her weight.

A lot of people refer to themselves as being on a diet when they are trying to lose weight. In reality we are all on a diet - it just refers to the food and drink that we all consume. Too many people trying to slim don't treat the 'diet' as a basis for the lifestyle changes that they clearly need to make to maintain their new slimness and it is that they go back to the old bad habits that causes them to yo-yo. There isn't any problem with the weight-loss diets - there is a problem in that people do not follow them correctly.

Still this is only my opinion and I'm sure others will have different ones. Perhaps we are all individual and have to find the best way forward for ourselves. CD seems to work for me - but then I am planning on following it strictly and changing my eating habits forever.


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It's true that there are an ever ending number of new miracle diets coming out each year and, where I'm concerned at least, if the word "diet" is there, avoid them!

Sweetpea - I agree with a lot of what you say except of course when you say about healthy eating not enabling you to lose weight... (see my ticker). I will say though that, when doing it, unless you sort out your head at the same time (as one ought when following a VLCD of course), maintenance is not a walk in the park either.

Most people, when they reach the heady heights of the sort of weights most people on this site weigh or have weighed, know everything there is to know about the calorific and nutritional content of most every food on the market. Off pat. We know exactly what to do to lose weight. We know what to eat too. It's just the head stuff which is so much more difficult.

I often wish I could market the "click" moment that got my head into gear after many years of yoyo dieting - I lost it when I quit smoking this year though and have been running round like a hamster in his wheel trying to find it again ever since!

Good luck to the original poster - and just because you're not able to do a VLCD right now does NOT mean you'll not be able to lose the weight.
I saw that, and they gave very little detail on how closely she followed the diet and whether or not she went through the steps back up to normal eating. I think it was LL that she followed looking at the packet you saw her mixing - looked suspiciously like a LL Vanilla pack to me :)

Anyway - I would put money on the following:
  1. She did not stick 100% to the diet. The reason I say this is that she complained that she was permanently hungry and had bad hunger pains nearly every day. I know that some of us experience hunger from time to time, but not like she was claiming. I bet she was torturing herself by nibbling things that meant she was continually in and out of ketosis.
  2. She did not follow the 12 week food re-introduction phase properly or at all. I would put money on the fact that she followed (of a sort) the diet for 100 days, and then just dropped out
  3. She got little out of the counselling sessions and constantly claimed that it was not relevant to her.
Now, I apologise if am doing her an injustice, but we all know that this diet works if you stick to it, that you may get the odd bout of hunger but not like she was claiming, and if you follow the food re-introduction steps you can keep the weight off (she claims not). We all know that if we revert to our old habits the weight will go back on .... makes sense.

What sealed it for me was when it showed her eating .... a ryvita onto which she was spreading butter and cheese spread ..... or butter and jam .... and not thinly either. What does she seriously think she is achieving eating like that ?????

They showed the VLCD in a light to prove that they knew best .... clearly only their way works. Did you not know that ????
S: 17st4lb C: 16st11lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 43 Loss: 0st7lb(2.89%)
They showed the VLCD in a light to prove that they knew best .... clearly only their way works. Did you not know that ????
A very good point.

I think the main thing to remember though is that, when it comes to dealing with weight issues, one diet 'doesn't fit all'. It's an individual thing and we may stumble along many paths before we find the path that leads us to where we want to be.
It is interesting and must admit something I am worried about. I was with a group of friends the other day and one woman commented that the diet was ridiculous and I would put it all back on and some more (she had a friend who did it). I said that if I re-introduced food sensibly this wouldn't happen and my lifestyle is healthy anyway. She said I would be on and off it forever! So be it I thought looking at the number of times I joined WW over the years at least I will lose on CD. It's like your gonna instantly regain a mountain of weight as soon as you eat normally and its just not physically possible is it??
If you go back to what you ate before then you will obviously put weight on as you were clearly eating too much or the wrong things and that is why you put weight on.

However, if you follow the plan properly by going on to AAM then the 790 plan and then onto higher plans you will be fine. You will need to find out the point at which you are maintaining your weight as I don't believe everyone's bodie have the same calorific requirement.

But for people to say you will put it all back on and more is total tosh. Usually said by either slim people who are ignorant about the diet or fat people who can't be bothered to take responsibility and control over their weight. Grrrrr
I hear you... I suffer with depression too. It's debilitating huh... (<-- understatement of the century!)

I've not yet really found someone who suffers like I do so maybe it'd help :confused:

You've got to do what's right for you at the end of the day. Try different things and see what works.



Cambridge Diet Counsellor
I think this is just a matter of opinion and depends on different people.

Exercise and a healthy diet is probably the best way to lose weight, but some people don't have time to excercise or calorie count and Cambridge offers a simple solution.

Some people simply do not lose weight on the government reccomended calorie intake to lose weight.

I do worry about my metabolic rate slowing down, however, I'm hoping that moving up the plans slowly when I'm ready will sort this out.

I'm the kind of person who can easily put 7lbs on in 2 days if I eat the normal 1500 cals.

Each to their own I say. If it works for you there is nothing wrong with that. ;)

Stacie xxx


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*hands up* I suffer from depression too. Severe depression, which I've been an in-patient because of. I don't think people should be ashamed of thier depression. Losing weight has been the best therapy possible, I can feel my confidence and self worth returning pound by pound - and it can be done, whether its cambridge or calorie counting. Being able to lose weight means I can do anything - if I can stick to SS then I can't be the 'broken' person I percieve myself to be, I must be sucessful in some way, right?

If any of you need to talk, please pm me. I've been through it myself, had a boyfriend who went through it (who sadly comitted suicide a year ago), and I'm a med student who works part time esp with psychiatric patients. But the most important thing is I'm more than willing to listen.

Lots of love, Ida xxx

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