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Diet, move and stress!


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Morning everyone

Well the diet is the only thing that's on track! Apart from the fact I've not lost anything in the past 3 days. Mind you, since landing in the UK on the 15th April (when I re-started with packs) I've lost 18 lbs, so should be happy with that. Would really like to lose a stone and half by Saturday when Mr Mandana comes home. No real biggy if I don't - just a wish!

The move is coming along, but there is so much to do and I'm having trouble sleeping. Taking Tylenol (mild sleeping pills we picked up in the States) to help me sleep some nights, but they're not that strong, so I only get 4/5 hours before I'm wide awake again.

And as for my stress levels .. well they are well up there! I've been here dealing with everything while Mr M is working at his new job in the US, and it's been tough. And now I'm stressing because the Estate Agents haven't pulled their finger out regarding letting our house. We've got just over 2 weeks before we go, and not one viewing! Argh!

Anyway, feel better I've got it off my chest, so thanks for listening! :eek:

Mandana x

PS .. still haven't worked out how to edit posts and the title. Nothing works this end when I 'hover' around the title as people have suggested. Can we have an 'edit' facility?! ;)
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Well Hello Me darlin ;)

Wow 18lbs already, thats great :) I know we want to see a drop whenever we get on the scales but unfortunatley dosn't always work out like that! try and look at the bigger picture, I know you know all that anyway, so may not be much help telling you that lol

Wow what a stressful time for you, Is Mr Mandana staying with you for the 2 weeks or is he just back for the weekend? Hopefuly he is and he can give you a hand getting things sorted :)

Sure theres so much stuff buzzing round in your head which isnt helping your sleeping - just think in a few weeks you'll be all sorted. sounds like agents need sorting, maybe tell em if they dont hurry up you'll go to another one???

As for editing, you can only edit your post within 15 mins of posting - not sure how to edit the teitle tho!!

Heres to a successful day sorting things out and abstaining :)



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Thanks Geri. You're right with so much buzzing round in my head! It's on the go 24/7 - just wish I could turn it off sometimes! :rolleyes:

Just been thinking about our odds & sods drawers .. they'll need sorting before the movers come (next Tuesday :eek: )

Mr Mandana will be home on Saturday and will be here until the 20th, which is the day we're both flying out. Plan is Saturday - pick him up from the airport, come home, relax for a bit, then get started on stuff. Sunday & Monday the same. Tuesday the movers come to start to wrap everything and will be here until Friday when the containers arrive. We'll probably move in with my Mum then until we go as we'll have no furniture!

The following week Mr M will be working in London and I'll be sorting final stuff out here until we go :wave_cry:

All very final now, and busy!

Stress city!

Mandana x


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You can say that again Sonkie!

Is Rescue Remedy ok on a VLCD?! Too bad if it's not, because I'm spraying it on my tongue like there is no tomorrow!!

Mandana x


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Awww you are gonna have to put pics up of your new place you know.....so we can all feel like we are there with you....lol.


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Well I've got 1 lb to go and then I'll have hit the stone and half mark which I wanted to achieve before Mr M came home! So by Saturday I will have done that :D :D :D

Major eBay day today listing all the electrical stuff we can't take with us, like TVs, videos etc. Absolutely no point in storing them as they are the old style ones (you know, the ones with the massive tubes) and everything like that is so cheap in the States anyway. So that's my chore for today, plus some college work.

Need to throw the vacuum round the house too as it needs doing after all the furniture moving at the weekend.

I'm dead chuffed with myself for sticking to it these past 3 weeks. And it's been relatively easy too! Fitted in well with my hectic time, and taken the risk of living on bread and cereal away. I just know that not having anyone to cook for would have meant healthy eating would have been out of the window for me, so packs were definitely the answer!

Thanks to those who have PMd me .. your messages have been a great support during this frenetic time!

19 days before we go! :eek:

Mandana x


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Well I've lost 19 lbs which isn't bad, but it's not the stone and half I was hoping to have lost for when I pick up Mr M tomorrow morning. Oh well, you never know, I might lose 2 lbs overnight!

Still loads to do before the move .. but getting there. It's been a case of lots of late nights and early mornings, so really looking forward to getting on the plane and having 10 hours sit down!

At least I don't have to worry about the seatbelt not fitting me, which was the case a few years ago! :eek:

Mandana x


Happily on CD
Wow! 19lbs is excellent :D I'm sure Mr M will see a HOOOGE difference in you hunny :D

Not long now then.... are you getting nervous? Never mind the stress and rescue remedy - I use it all the time - I even use it on my dogs LOL I think I'm a closet alkie really the way I drip it in my mouth hahaha.

Can you get CD in the US or will you take a load over with you for when you get desperate?


One Last Time.......
Ohhhh how exciting , picking Mr M up this morning, hope the 2lbs dropped off overnight!!!!

Think we need a good ol catch up on MSN before you go
We definitely must catch up on MSN Raudi :D

Had quite a productive day this end ..

Picked up Mr M from Gatwick, then sold his car on eBay and had a viewing this afternoon on the house and they want to rent it for 5 years!! :D

Subject to clearance from the MOD (they are RAF people) everything should go through next week. What a relief!

Didn't lose the 2 lbs unfortunately, but still going strong

Mandana x
Hi Raudi, thanks for posting!

Sorry it's taken me a while to post on here .. been a bit slack!

Yes, we're here, in hot n' humid Houston! Just about to pop out so need to keep it brief (I've been procrastinating all morning!)

Will catch up soon, but just wanted to say hello before you thought I'd fallen off the face of the earth!

Mandana x

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