Diet prog on BBC2 right now! (Will CD be on it?!)

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Jaycey, 16 April 2009 Social URL.

  1. Jaycey

    Jaycey Post-Menopausal Maniac!

    Let's watch this to see if CD gets praised or rubbished!! (Or even not mentioned?!)
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  3. Tiitanium

    Tiitanium Gold Member

    ooo whats it called and is it like a review thing?
  4. Jaycey

    Jaycey Post-Menopausal Maniac!

    It's called "Professor Regan's...Diet Clinic" and started at 9pm. So far she's talking about pills and patches - hopefully she'll get onto diets soon!

    It's supposed to be a "scientific investigation into the weight-loss industry" - so wondering if CD might be on it?
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  5. Jaycey

    Jaycey Post-Menopausal Maniac!

    I can't believe it - instead of discussing (or even mentioning!) a successful and sensible diet like CD, she talked about that silly Beyonce diet (the maple syrup one) - and basically then trashed all VLC diets!! How stupid. What do the scientific community have against CD, for gawd's sake?! :mad:
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  6. Jaycey

    Jaycey Post-Menopausal Maniac!


    And a load of misleading misinformation, and snide comments about 'fad diets' without saying what they are!! Anyone watching this could easily think that CD fell into this category and be put off, which is scandalous. I really can't bear the 'holier than thou' attitude of these scientists (especially female ones) - they just love to put down other people's success stories.

    BAD, BAD, BAD!!!! :mad::mad::mad:
  7. lisalulu

    lisalulu Silver Member

    The media are great at this. Why make a programme about something positive when you can completely slate it and get good viewing figures? We hear so much about this obescity 'epidemic' but nobody concentrates on the postives and how to deal with it.

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