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Diet sodas...

I keep seeing in other posts people advising not to drink diet sodas as it affects weight loss, ie slows it down, is this true? I always assumed that something like a diet coke with hardly any calories and no sugar would be fine to drink. I would only drink one a day really but occasionally will have one if I'm hungry as it puts me on till my meal and stops me snacking - is this not ok?

Thanks in advance ;)
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Its an individual thing really.
WW allow diet drinks but alot of people avoid them especially with all the new advice regarding aspartame and its effects.
I personally try to avoid drinking too much of it as it gives me a sweet tooth for other things but do drink it a couple of times a week.
My DH has been doing WW for 13 weeks now and drinks pepsi max everyday (he doesnt drink hot drinks or water) and he has lost 2 1/2 stone with no problems at all.
So if you want diet drinks have them x


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
See i drink quite alot of them and if i do feel bloated it means i eat less because i feel bloated! If i drank water i'd feel full! no difference to me :D
I had hypnotherapy about a year ago because I had a real addiction! I was eating masses! Now I still crave it from time to time but I don't really want it as it makes me feel sick x
Ooh I love fizzy drinks!! I buy the cans and see them like treats, so if it's the evening and I've used all my points and fancy a treat I have a can of fizzy Fanta Zero or 7up Zero... it does bloat me but I haven't found a problem with weight loss so far... xx
I see diet fizzy drinks as a treat too, I drink it daily since starting WW because I find it helps my cravings, if I really fancy snacking I have a diet pepsi instead and it ties me over until my next meal.

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