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Diet Virgin Seeks Advice


Looking for some advice here...

This week, until yesterday I was easing myself well back into dieting (the GI Diet that is) because in the previous 2 weeks I had not been following the diet and was generally eating bad stuff...

However I gained no weight and promised myself that this week I would get back into dieting mode and that by next week I would be uber strict and organised.

Has anyone got any advice or guidance top help stay focussed from now or how I can organise myself?

Would be much appreciated, I want this next three stone off asap! In all honesty I am still a diet virgin in many senses - this is this first time I have followed a 'proper' diet and I am pleased with my two stone loss so far, but am feeling a bit fed up of it all at the mo. I never expected myself to get this far and am quite unprepared for the lull I am now experiencing!

Luv and Hugs, CC xx xx xx
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Well done for your 2 stone!:clap:

My advice would be to plan, plan and do an extra bit of planning.

Write out either using an online diary, excel or just on an old fashioned bit of paper, every meal.....then go shop. Decide what extra bit of exercise you will do to help it along. Get back into a routine and often the diet will do itself.

It's easy to fall when you aren't prepared and can't think what to have.


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Planning and keeping track of all that you eat is definitely key to diet success.

Also try to ensure that you are eating the same as everyone else in the family, maybe a lesser quantity but don't prepare seperate 'diet' food for yourself cos it's quite difficult to sustain the effort. Instead get everyone on a healthy eating plan that you can all enjoy forever and not just for the duration of your 'diet'.

Good luck and well done on the 2 stone loss and keeping that off.


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I agree its in the planning. I found it helpful when i was doing a food diet to always have to hand something i could "legally" pick at. I kept cooked meats in the fridge when following SW cos they were free food and i could help myself when the feeling arose without any guilt.
I also keep a diary in which i write my thoughts, successes and failures of that day. Along with plenty of "Ican do this" messages to myself. I think in the beginning you need to get a little obsessive about it, write everything you eat down, do your measurements and keep a written record of your weekly losses, so you can look back and see how well you are doing.
I even used to colour code my menu's according to which day of sw i was doing, going a little tooo far maybe but it worked for me. Good luck with your diet Curvy ou have done great so far and i know you can do the rest.
Thanks Happe

A little note book to record it all sounds good, hmnn... I think a trip to paperchase may be in order today!:):) Because of course a funky note book will make want to write in it!

Aye the measurements are good, last week I realised that another inch and half had gone, since I last measured myself. It is great knowing that I have lost 6.5 inches off my waist...

Thanks Happe, I'm gonna spend some time this morning researching through my recipe books, planning some meals.

Luv CC xx xx xx

Thanks to everyone who gave their advice, much appreciated.

And following your suggestions I have today been shopping and made lots of food!

Lunch tends to be the most tricky meal for me adhere to dietwise, so I have got five lunches all ready to go! I'll be having either a vegetable pasta bake or a quorn mince gratin (both less than 300 cals!) all this week and I'll do some more meals next sunday.

Breakfast is easy for me no problems there. I've got loads of fruit, low fat crisps and low gi ryvita for snacks at work. Dinner will be some easy to make soups, veggie burgers and I'm planning to make some low gi cabonara one day this week.

At work there is a stationary shop (I work at a uni) and tomorrow lunch time I'll get myself a jazzy little note book to keep a record of what I eat in it... And at the weekend I MUST WRITE IT UP IN MY DIARY SECTION HERE - right ladies and gents? That way you and I will know that I have eaten the right foods and watched the calories.

Will also note how much exercise I do...

Anyway I've got all that out of my head and feel masses better for having sorted my lunches already...

Gonna be uber strict and focussed this week - am planning to buy some size 16 clothing from ebay as I am now somewhere between as 16 and 18. It is very exciting to no longer be limited to the plus size section and a real motivation to work towards becoming an actual size 16.


Luv CC xx xx xx

Thought I would just update where I am a week later with all of this.

Well I was good - had 90% of my meals planned, only went off course a couple of times and I managed to lose a pound and a half.

I am gonna aim to be much stricter this week, although I do have a meal out on friday - but I'll do my best to be senisble about it all.

Really pleased with my pound and a half loss - feels like an achievement after a couple of weeks of losing nothing!:)

However I have realised that I am rubbish at keeping a food diary...

Thanks for all your advice guys!

I am playing badmington tomorrow in my lunch break - aren't I good!;););)

Luv CC xx xx xx

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