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Diet4-40's diary

Hi Folks, I've been on here for ages and often read Abz's diary, so today I thought I would start my own!

I am on day 1 of a re-start, I have been eating for England the last couple of weeks and to be honest feel quite ill, my IBS is back with a vengance, making me very unsociable! :eek: But even worse I am in pain from it :( It goes after I have been SS'ing for a couple of days so I am looking forward to that :D

I have also got another food related problem that I had conveniently 'forgotten' about and that is my aching joints, I have known for some time now that I am maybe allergic to certain foods and now I am 100% sure this is the case, I have sore joints, my doctor says I have arthritis, but I am not so sure as when I am on CD SS the pains go!

How many more reasons do I need to get back onto SS apart from the great weight losses that is!!

I started in September 08 and lost 4 stones up to xmas, then I went a bit bonkers, put on a stone, lost it and now have it sitting on my bottom again!!!

This is it, I want the stone gone ASAP and then I'll be ready to face the other 4 or 5 stones I have to lose..

I can do it, I know I can..

If you have read this far thanks and anyone with similar IBS or aching joint stories are welcome to sympathise with me lol

Sarah xxx
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well half way through day one and feeling very positive.. my tummy has calmed down a bit already, which is ace as it has been very very painful. I have laso noticed a very 'foggy' mind, I keep forgetting things and taking ages to do simple tasks and i think it may well be part of my 'fat or binge head' as I don't seem to be like it when I'm eating healthy.. Since I have been overeating my depression's been worse too, so here is hoping I feel lots better soon.
Hi Sarah you will be feeling great again in a couple of days, good luck.xxxxxx,
Thanks Susan, Your weight loss is soooo inspiring btw, well done you xxx

It is dreaded 'dinner time' in my house now, the hardest time of the day, I have put the dinner on and OH is gonna dish up when he gets in - I am feeling good though and so glad I am back on SS - I have up-dated my ticker to show just 18 lbs, when I reach that I will be 17 stone 5lbs, what I was just before Christmas, confident I will get there quickly and excited to have made the decision to do it.

I went for a walk with my 3 yr old, he was on his bike, with stabilisers :) He can move suprisingly fast on it!! so I had to jog alongside, very pleased I did some form of exercise.

Have decided to get up when my OH does tomorrow and while he showers etc I am going to go for a walk/jog, it is the only time of day I can fit any real 'me time' in and if I leave exercising until later it just doesn't get done, I have got my pedometre on today, have done 5200 steps so far, that is a fairly typical day for me, only extra was that walk out with little one, so if I do a walk in the morning I really should manage 10,000 no trouble.

Feeling very positive, keep thinking about getting back into my size 18 jeans, they felt so comfortable when I was slimmer, now when I put them on they cut me in half - not a good look lol

Really enjoying letting off steam on here. day one almost over :)
Well last log on of the day, just going to have a coffee and my last pack.. gonna have a chocolate bar me thinks :)

So.. just for today I have stuck to CD SS.. Just for today I have not worried about tomorrow, (even when my OH announced a work colleague is coming to dinner tomorrow night.. lol.. I will have my soup and sit with them and they can enjoy my witty banter!!) Just for today...

Night xx
Very pleased as I have already lost 6lbs, it is a huge weight loss but it is because I was eating sooooo badly prior to starting again :(

Well for the 1st time EVER my husband overlaid this morning so no walk for me, I could have got up under my own steam but it was raining and that was the only excuse I needed, so no walk this morning, feeling a little dissapointed in myself but going to make up for it later as I have some time today - so need to get organised.

Just having a cuppa before work and will try to drink half a litre of water before I leave.

Not going to project today, and really keep the 'just for today' mentality.
morning hunni, well done for yesterday hunn, hope you have another great day today.xxxx
Hi Susan, thanks for the encouragement - have been feeling very positive and feel like I have my 'diet head' on so that can only be a good thing... Having a few personal problems with my OH and that always makes me want to eat, then I feel a million times worse :(

Hey ho, going to have a 100% SS day today:)

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