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Dieting and quitting smoking!!!

Oh my gosh, for some bizarre reason I made the decision last night to quit smoking!!! :cry: It's horrible, so anyway I have been determined all day not to munch instead of smoke and have succeeded until I discovered that my chewing gum has syns! :eek:

Does anyone know of any no syn chewing gum by any chance?

K xx
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Hi, in the food opt. book it say:-
Chewing gum, sugar free, 5 pellets= 0.5 syn on green and red,
But doesn't say what brand!
Hope that helps, and good luck giving up the weed!


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TBH, I would not even think about counting syns of the chewing gum as chewing gum is probably not what made you put on weight in the first place ;)

You are really brave giving up smoking while slimming as well! My respect for that. I gave up smoking 1 year ago myself so know how it feels like :)

Good Luck giving up the ziggies :fingerscrossed:
B. xx
Thanks, you're probably right. I may not count them unless I go into excess. I keep telling myself I must be mad, but my daughter has made it very clear she wants me to quit and so I think it's time.

Determined not to let it interfere with the optimising though......fingers crossed!! Thanks for the advice.

K x


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Hi, just wanted to add that i gave up smoking 3 weeks ago, so know what you're going through:eek:

But wanted to say, if you haven't already, get yourself a copy of Allen Carrs, easy way to give up smoking. It's a great book that makes giving up smoking "easy". It really makes you look at things differently and how much better you will feel etc.

It's really made a huge difference to how i look at ciggerettes and I've tried to give up on lots of occasions, but this is the most positive i've felt about it.

It also tells you how you don't need to replace the fags with anything and how to do it.

Also wanted to say congratulations on making the decision, as i know it's a hard one to make. :eek:
Thanks Nash, I'll definitely get that. So far though I am not doing very well, I think I was being optimistic thinking I could go cold turkey when I am a heavy smoker.

But my new plan is to smoke only 10 over the next week and I've got these new Champix tablets from the docs, so hopefully after my seven days are up I'll be fighting fit to deal with my cravings. Well done to you...three weeks is quite an achievement....stick at it!! :D


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Honestly, get the book (i'm not on commission :D) but it is soooo good. And don't think about getting it, when you've packed up smoking, because you can (well, actually it tells you to) smoke all the way through reading the book and says by the end of the book, you won't actually want a fag.

I know of someone who thought the book was a load of crap, and she was quite a heavy smoker. Anyway, she bought the book, just so she could read it, to prove and be able to say to others, what a load of old rubbish it was, bla bla bla, and she actually gave up smoking by the end of the book, and think she's coming up to her 1st year anniversary, of not smoking.:D So it does work, for even the heaviest of smokers. The man who wrote it, was a very heavy smoker himself.

Anyway, good luck with it all, as i say, i know how hard it can be;)

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