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dieting if you are trying to concieve??

hi all,

looking for advice as I see there are a few of you pregnant ladies still aiming to control or lose your weight...

I am currently 15 stone, having lost 2 stone on CD, and am Sole sourcing. Was planning to lose all of weight and then try... but that means waiting til Nov/Dec and to be honest at 31 I am starting to think have I left things too late...

So if I stop pill my question I guess is, is it safe to carry on with CD until I know I am pregnant?? its not like most ppl concieve straight away so surely this could take 2/3 months and I could carry on with weight loss in the process, and then switch to slimming world or just healthy eating in the process.

Would love to hear your thoughts...
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Here is the official guidance Scarlett posted by Linda.

This is the official guidance to CDCs:

If you have a client that becomes pregnant, the client may wish to continue on the diet as they have become established and enjoy the programme. At this stage you will need to explain to your client that she is now 'two' and that the programme is now unsuitable, as as per CHWP's medical guidelines, pregnancy is contraindicated. However, if your client wishes to take 1 product per day as a nutritional aid then this would be suitable....however, you need to follow the guidelines below: -

1. A new MRF will need to be signed by a Dr with "1 cambridge product a day for nutrition' written clearly across it. If the Dr does not sign the MRF, no product can be supplied.

2. Only supply the client with 7 products for the week (totalling 1 per day) and see the client weekly. We do not want the client to do sole source and there would be a risk of this happening if more product was supplied.

3. After they have had their baby, please remember that lactating women are also contraindicated and so should not use any programmes until the baby has its source of nutrition via other means. We would also recommend that a higher programme is used when appropiate to allow the client to settle into motherhood, ie Sole Source and new baby = very hard work!!

If the client wishes to have 3 products a day, you will need to advise her that we deem this unsuitable and that you are only able to supply her with enough product for one a day on a weekly basis, and only if the GP is in agreement.

"During pregnancy and lactation, the body requirements for protein, minerals and vitamins is increased. Moreover, any interference with the normal way of life is considered undesirable. Dieting during pregnancy is therefore contraindicated. The Cambridge diet can, however, be used as a nutritional supplement"

Linda CD Counsellor
Counsellor to Inspiration Winner Slimmer of the Year Competition 2008
Cambridge Diet Sponsor of the Year 2007
Cambridge Counsellor Co-ordinator Committee
20 Years' Service Award
Special Merit Award Winner 2005
Hi Mini

thanks for that.. sorry to be a bit thick but as I understand it I should be fine to carry on with CD until I know I am definitely pregnant?? is that right??

thanks for your reply Kirsty!!

I suppose what I am wondering is, at the grand old age of 31 and my friends experiences it could take me 6 months+ to concieve, and during that time could have got to my weight loss goal on SS easily. Of course I wouldn't want to danger my baby in the first few weeks but surely if I stop SS as soon as I know, it would be okay?? I'm no pregnancy expert but I thought that the baby would only need extra calories etc further along in the pregnancy???


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They do only need extra calories later on, that is true. The point is that the first 12 weeks are the most important, when the baby is basically made. After that, it's just getting bigger. So it's the time when lack of anything causes problems, hence why folic acid is only necessary for the first 12 weeks, and although CD gives you enough vitamins, it doesn't give you enough protein. Yes, the baby is a parasite and will take anything it can't get from your diet from you, but with protein that can mean muscle wastage.

I understand what you're saying, and yes, some women do fall pregnant on CD, but is it advisable? No. If you are actively trying to conceive then you should be following a healthy diet and taking necessary supplements. You can lose weight any time, but you can't restart your pregnancy! Sorry to sound blunt but you need to look at your priorities, if that is weight loss, then put the baby making on hold.
A lot of women conceive during weightloss with CD, losing weight can aid fertility plus you are getting good balanced nutrition from the packs and using your fat stores for extra energy.

There is 100% folacin in the diet, however, if you feel you need more have a chat to your GP. They used to, not sure its a while since I was pregnant, give you folic acid supplements during the first weeks of pregnancy.

You must stop the Diet immediately you find out you are pregnant and with the new testing kits that can be within days.

As you say it could take several months to fall and during that time you could be increasing your chances by losing weight.

Good luck.


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Thanks CD counselor for the information. That is exactly what I am doing. We have been trying for so long, and I want to increase my chances by loosing weight. If my body suddenly is ready to be pregnant, then I will of course stop CD right away and eat healthy food.


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Hi everyone,
I am in the exact same boat. Am currently on CD SS+ as well as trying for a baby.
I have been off the pill since Jan and have regular periods and smiley faces on my ovulation sticks since then but no sign of a baby!! I started CD 3 weeks ago at 18.2, i tried to loose the healthy way but would loose 2/3 stone and then re-gain cause my target of 10 seemed so far away. I want to do everything possible to increase my fertility and if that means loosing weight i will do it - nothing to do with wanting to look good, although that is an added bonus.
I currently weigh 16.8, having lost 22lbs the first 3 weeks on this and i am delighted. We will keep trying for a baby and as soon as i get a positive on a test will stop. I figure if i am healthy enough to get pregnant then this diet can't harm a little one. I would be so upset if i stayed at 18.2 and then a year passed without getting pregnant. A doctor would doubtless say my weight played a huge factor and i would never forgive myself if that happened. To let DH down and deny him of a baby because of my weight is a road i never want to visit.
Anyway, i look forward to hearing from other TTCers on here!

Purple Hugs

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I'm another CD Dieter who fell pregnant - after 8 years with only one miscarriage.

So.... my advice.. stick to CD off the pill and it may well work wonders! lol
I did a test as soon as I was late and feeling queezy, CDC said it was all fine but I had to come off.
12 week scan shows all fine so far :)

Good luck! Hope to see you back here soon! lol


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I am so happy for you Purple Hugs! How great to get pregnant after 8 years!!! See you took off 36 lbs on Cambridge before getting pregnant, well done! Do you know what your BMI was at the time when you got pregnant?

I am a bit over 30 BMI now, and hoping my chances will increase the more weight I take off :D. We have been trying two years with one miscarriage.

Thanks for posting this! It gave me great hope :D
I would stay on CD and continue to do so until you fall pregnant. Like u say this could take 6 months anyway by which time u will be at target or closer to it. Im 33 and was pregnant within one month. But everyones different. Why not chat to ur gp, get there advice

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
I am so happy for you Purple Hugs! How great to get pregnant after 8 years!!! See you took off 36 lbs on Cambridge before getting pregnant, well done! Do you know what your BMI was at the time when you got pregnant?

I am a bit over 30 BMI now, and hoping my chances will increase the more weight I take off :D. We have been trying two years with one miscarriage.

Thanks for posting this! It gave me great hope :D
Aww no problem. :) WHEN you get down to a healthy bmi I'd ask for assistance from your GP if I were you. My hubby was never up for this unfortunately, hence it taking us so long.
I was down to just over 31 bmi. I'm around the 32 mark now I think. I'm so glad I was smaller when I fell - I know that is likely why I fell! lol But I am hoping for a homebirth and my 'new' bmi means I qualify at the moment. On weight alone I'd have failed before CD.
Keep up the diet, and trying.. hope you have success soon! ((Hugs))

P.S. extend the amount of time around ovulation you try for.. our 'success' this time was on the day after I'd been giving up before so I reckon I'm a late ovulator!! lol


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Thanks Purple Hugs! Yes, we try a bit before and after calculated ovulation time. I used to test ovulation too, but now I am just so fed up with all of that :D.

Wow, I am where you are when you got pregnant then, BMI wise that is. Hoping hoping!

I actually contacted a doctor in January, and we have left the initial tests. We have an appointment on the 7th of July to have our first meeting with them. It was postponed 1,5 month because she got sick the day of our appointment, such a bad luck! I am both looking forward to it and dreading it.

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Covering all bases when it comes to the right time of the month would be my advice. :) but then.. well it took us years! lol

I hope the Dr's appointment goes well, getting your weight down will stop them nagging about one issue for sure! lol ;) you'll be in a healthy bmi in no time. :)


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Can i ask you girls how many times around the fertile period you do the deed? We are using the OPK tests and when we get a smiley face doing it that day and for 2 days after, once on each day. Is that enought? We both have busy hectic jobs and to be honest normally that kinda stuff is left for the weekends and maybe 1 night during the week. I hate having to get in the mood now just cause it's time and i know my OH does!
I had my lmp 18th april. we did the dead on 24th, 26th, 27th,28th, 29th 30th. And fell pg right away. Just luck i guess. On the 25th id been on a night out and did it for "Fun" more than anything, and as we both had the best time im sure it was that nite for us lol but who knows....

I always found mymonthlycycles.com a great help. Ive tracked my periods on there for years. So when we decided to try for a baby it tells u the best time to try etc


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Every day for a week - am tired just thinking about it! Did you not use the OPKs at all then" I have out my dates into similar on-line things and gotten a fertile week but then generally just gone with my + on the OPK. I am on month 6 now and this is hard work and is getting harder the longer it goes on!
You were so lucky getting it first time, is everything going ok for you? Congrats!


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Thanks Purple Hugs!

I live in Sweden, and I don't know if the recommendations is different :), but here they say a few days before ovulation day. And every second day is enough. But I have had friends who did it every day for a week around the ovulation day (and succeeded). I think I have about 2 weeks between ovulation until my first day of TOTM. Then from that day it is about 12 days until it is ovulation day. We try maybe three days before, and then every/every second day until a day after ovulation maybe. Mitten, I totally agree with you. We are both working, and are tired in weekdays, it is boring having to do it on a schedule as well :-(.
NO i didnt use anything. We were very lucky, i wasnt expecting it to happen so quick. We both had a quiet week that week. The sun was out and OH was quiet at work, and everyday we ended up going to the beer garden when our daughter was at nursery, then went home and did it in the afternoon. So neither or us had a hard day, or were shattered. So that prob did help. They do say its when ur relaxed about it.

With our DD I fell pg with her when we were on holiday, so the same could be said about that one. And with the 1st I fell pg right away too.

Everythings going well thanks. Good Luck trying! Try not to focus to much on the trying. Try to focus on having fun and enjoying it more. The last thing u want is to turn sex into a chore. xx

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
I've used mymonthlycycles.com too - and paid for ovulation info about 4 years ago when we were really trying. :)

It really is hard work to keep trying, I can totally understand that. We have had times when we've really tried and times when we haven't... but i've not been on birth control for the 8 years. We weren't lucky I guess.. but we are now! ;)