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Dieting 'makes you look older'


Don't worry, be happy :)
Thanks for the link Jim, totally agree with you that it seems a lot of codswollop. If your trying to be 'stick thin' as they quote then yes you will look older because your probably not eating right to get the proper nutrients for your body, but if you have a proper healthy diet then its rubbish that you won't look better and probably younger than someone who is fatter yet probably dehydrated and lacking in a lot of essential nutrients.
This is one thing I actually do worry about, I'm forty in August and people can never believe my real age and always put me in my late 20's. My husband is 10 years younger and is off to Afghan tomorrow for six months. I started CD yesterday and would love it for him to come home to a new me, but not a old wrinkly haggard old looking new me!!!!


Gone fishing
Have to admit that I look older since I've lost the weight. Other people have also been quick to tell me that too :D Really shouldn't mix with such 'honest' people :D

Feel younger though ;)
Everyone thinks I look younger I have just turned 50 and get told I look 38...I am more than happy with that lol...when I look at before and after photos on here EVERYONE looks younger...xx
BKC, believe me after 6 months in 'stan he won't notice, I promise you he won't notice.
and don't forget the green smarties in the lawn trick either. ;)