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  1. Itsallaboutme

    Itsallaboutme Member

    I will begin by introducing myself. I'm 28 years-old and mummy to five young children including twins, (7), (5), (3), (2), (2). As you can imagine having five children in four years took it's toll on my body :-(

    As a teen I've never had a healthy relationship with food. As long as I can remember I have always been 'fat' and my younger sister has always been built like a string bean. Reality is I was never fat and I was never over weight! I was sporty, fit and healthy but i could never see it.

    When I started my weigh loss journey on March 2014 my post babies weigh in was 13st 13lbs. Now at that weight I was in size 14 trousers, 12 tops I have always weighed heavy. Lightest ever before children weighing in at 10st 6lb but was in size 8/10 comfortably.

    My journey began on the natural ketosis diet which was worth every single penny weight just fell off and if was so easy, real food, set portion sizes etc.

    On June 9th I began another, different diet journey, cambridge diet. That final push to get to my ultimate all time target of 10st. As much as natural ketosis was amazing I've began to get complacent and need that new look on things etc everything stripping back to basics.

    For me just 'healthy' eating doesn't work to lose only to maintain. My unhealthy relationship with food has involved anorexia and bulimia, left to my own competitive self I can feel myself slipping down the route I vow never to completely return. I need structure and the strictness.

    I've dusted the bike down and as you can imagine running after the children is so much exercise in itself. Once at 10st I will be joining our local 'fight fit' exercise classes......anyways ......welcome to my journey.
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  3. Itsallaboutme

    Itsallaboutme Member

    Lying wake with the feeling of anticipation with tomorrow's first weigh in :-s
    I've introduced a friend so she is coming with me tomorrow for her introduction. Really hoping this week is successful on the scales especially as there will be. Witness lol.
  4. Itsallaboutme

    Itsallaboutme Member

    First weigh in ........
    7lb loss!!! I'm amazed and buzzing!!
  5. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member


    Well done:happy096:
  6. Itsallaboutme

    Itsallaboutme Member

    Thank you feel fantastic :) x
  7. Blondcat

    Blondcat Gold Member

    well done!! how much do you have left to lose now following that 7lb weight loss ? I'd love to lose that in a week! :)
  8. Itsallaboutme

    Itsallaboutme Member

    My personal goal is to get to pre baby weight (I was an 8/10) so I have 13lb to go :-/. But I'm planning on doing this first stage SS for the full 12 weeks even if I reach target before see how light I can indeed go lol x
  9. GingerJV

    GingerJV Silver Member

    Congrats with great loss!! keep going!! you have strong motivation and all of your goals will be achieved!! Good luck!
  10. jodibbs

    jodibbs Full Member

    Well done that's a great loss! :)
  11. Itsallaboutme

    Itsallaboutme Member


    Today I noticed my shadow finally has a waist.... It's been so long haha but it made my day especially seeing the difference in my shadow x
  12. Itsallaboutme

    Itsallaboutme Member

    Today has been a real eye opening-I love this diet. Why do we rely so much on physically eating x
  13. Itsallaboutme

    Itsallaboutme Member

    Well today has been soooooo hard. Don't get me wrong I'm still focused if I wasn't id prob have eaten and eaten and not stopped. Today I miss food :-(
  14. Itsallaboutme

    Itsallaboutme Member

    Today was my second weigh in. Another 5lb loss this week. That's 12lbs in total. Officially at my wedding weight in 2008. 7lb to go to my personal target and 1st to lose to overall target!! Down hill from here hopefully x
  15. jodibbs

    jodibbs Full Member

    Congrats that's great!! You've done so well :)
  16. GingerJV

    GingerJV Silver Member

    Great results. Keep going! You are almost there!;-)) Envy you;-))) That is really wonderful you have found your perfect diet plan!
  17. Itsallaboutme

    Itsallaboutme Member

    Today was my final weigh in on the cambridge plan. I lost another 3lbs which means in 3 weeks I have lost 16lbs in total. Leaving me weighing 10 stone 10lbs.

    10lbs to ideal target but only 4lbs to my original target which was 10stone 6lbs pretty much the weight I always was. I'm comfortably in size 12 jeans and size 10 dresses and tops :)

    Today I enrolled on weight watchers online to lose the final lbs and embark on maintaining as I believe maintaining weight is much more likely on a diet without meal replacements x

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