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diets dnt wrk!!!!!


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I agree! However I need a push in the right direction. It took 5 years to get to this size so I'm on the Cambridge to give me the push I need to help change the way I feel about myself and remember what it was like to shop withouth walking out feeling deflated and humilated.


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i think lifestyle change is the way forward ...it aint rocket science....eat less move more ..lose weight..be happy...riveta tastes like cardboard lol...xxxx:cry:

I'm sorry, but you are wrong!! Diets do work. Like Skintwitch says, lifestyle is what you do AFTER you've lost the weight. If someone is 5 stones over weight a bit of exercise and healthy eating will not do the trick. You need to choose a diet that suits you, stick to it 100%, realise what made you eat in the first place and sort out your issues, then have a healthy lifestyle to maintain. Speaking as someone who has lost the weight and speaking on Skintwitch's behalf (You look amazing by the way hun) they do work and we are living proof, as are all the guys in the slide show above.


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Lifestyle change...great if you can do it
Diet.......great if you can do it (assuming you do the lifestyle change as some point...then forever more)

I am confused though. If you don't think diets work, may I ask why you're following one:confused:
Personally I love ryvita:D

Mmm me too....can't beat dark rye with marmite, or pumpkin seed with hummus! Yum!

Although long-term a change of lifestyle is needed, diets can play a massive role in making that change. When you're pretty overweight you can be stuck in a rut - it often takes more than just thinking 'I know, I'll eat less and exercise more' to get out of that mindset. A diet perhaps provides the guidance, support and sense of direction that you may not get otherwise.

If there were no examples of people who have been on diets and kept the weight off, I would tend to agree with you - but I've seen and read about so many people who have done just that to realise that diets (if you find the right one) can be hugely successful. :)


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I love Ryvitas too. In fact they are one of the foods I'm looking forward to having again. Them and bran flakes. I think a low carb diet makes you crave 'good carbs'.
In my opinion, all diets work. It depends on whether you are following the instructions and do some exercises on your own initiative :)

I love Ryvita too...hmm have suddenly got the nibbles...must resist...
I love ryvita so tastey! I think diets don't work if you look at them as a quick fix that will be followed by a return to normal eating. If you loose weight via a food based diet you need to make sensible choices you can live with so if you don't like ryvita don't eat them choose wholemeal bread instead. I don't do cottage cheese never have never will so I eat normal cheese I just eat less of it. I have followed many diets and they do work but I gain the weight back as I go back to bad foods afterwards - I am starting to see how I need to change my life style there.

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