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Hey there ive been looking thru this website pretty much most of the day, and the most popular diet is liptrim, i know its not easy to loose a huge amount of weight in little space of time, but i want the opinion of someone who has lost a bit of weight to tell me what the lowest low was on there diet and if i stick to lipotrim for a few months will i reach my target weight loss of approx 13 stone (currently 18st 5lb) with out wanting to dive in to a bowl of chocolate???
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Positivity is the key
Hi Amanda,
I lost the ammount of weight you wish to lose in 100 days, said like that it doesn't seem so long does it.

I will say is you are in control on this diet, it will only work if you are prepared for it. There will always be food after LT and we need the time on this to address this issue. Once ketosis kicks in you will not feel hungry but mind cravings may always be with you. They say it takes 21 days to reinforce a new habit so 3 weeks in you should be sailing.
Best of luck.


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Go for it!!! Like Doirin said, once you are in ketosis (3-5 days from when you start), you will find it a lot easier, and your first weigh in will encourage you to carry on. I started 17 weeks ago weighing 17st 3lbs, I am now 11st 12lbs!! This is THE only diet that you can loose so much weight on in a short amount of time, and if you stick to it will NEVER gain weight whilst you are on the diet. It is truley amazing, and if if you stick with this forum, you will meet some amazing people.

Good luck in what ever you decide to do.
Hey Amanda

Well I've not yet had my first weigh in but I'm already feeling like I'm losing weight. I've decided not to weigh myself at home so won't know until Tuesday morning but will let you know how much has shifted.

Looking at everyone's losses it seems that you can expect to shift at LEAST 3 or 4lb per week... easily over a stone each month.

As well...my cravings for chocolate etc are already going and it's not even been a week. I'm feeling really positive and my skin is glowing from all the water! I'd definitely say go for it- look at how brilliantly everyone on here is doing- we can do the same!!



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I used to be the biggest choc-o-holic going, the single bars during the day, and at night a big bar, I could polish off a large dairy milk or galaxy quicker than you can blink!! But I can honestly say I have not craved for chocolate, cakes etc once. It's the healthy/ savoury stuff I would love to get my teeth into, chocolate- no thanks!!
If you look around you can see peoples losses in their signatures; you stand to lose about a stone a month, if not more (in the first week it's generally a fair bit more, which is a great kick start).

It doesn't take long for your cravings to go; or at least to take a different form - I'm not desperate to eat, just, enjoy seeing & smelling food & knowing that I can have it (in moderation) when I've reached my goal. Also, I think this is a common theme, even for those with an incredibly sweet tooth - I am much more interested in savoury food than sweet if there is a food that I get fixated with & believe me, I ate a lot of chocolate before starting this diet.

I have about the same amount to lose as you & am well on my way now in under two months. It really is a wonderful feeling & I would highly recommend it!

Good luck with making your decision!

hi Amanda no one will deny its hard going at first but it does get easier quite quick and it really really does work. Think about this you could start now and in 8 weeks be 2 stone plus down or carry on thinking and still be the same in 8 weeks. Honest its worth it and this forum is great especially for motivation when your feeling its rough.
hi hun,

what everyone has said is spot on. this diet is sensational, if you can handle it. its more than anything about mind of matter. this is my 15th week and everyone is always saying how i must have such strong will power etc but honestly once your in your 3rd week, like Doirin said, the shakes are just the way it is, its not about depriving yourself or anything.

its lovely to think that when we do eat again, our bodies are totally cleansed and detoxed, perfectly hydrated and the weight we want to be at!

go for it hun xxx


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Hi amanda, you definetly should do this, i love choc, but i simply sniff empty Wispa wrappers, works for me and i dream about eating the stuff as well, tastes better when u dont have to buy it!!!!! good luck
thanks everyone for all the support it really does mean a lot, and hopefully when i start this diet i can really stick to it and have as much will power and motivation as everyone on here..
i know the refeeding process is very important on this diet but has any one been on this diet before who isnt now and the weight has stayed off after a while.
because i dont want to put all the effort in to getting the weight down and piling it all back on next year or a few months down the line..

sorry for moaning guys but i want to get all the information possible on this before going ahead with the diet.. :D
Hi amanda, you definetly should do this, i love choc, but i simply sniff empty Wispa wrappers, works for me and i dream about eating the stuff as well, tastes better when u dont have to buy it!!!!! good luck

lol thats what i used to do when i was previously on the diet, people thought i was teasing myself, but i liked it, and the smell of mint i loved too.
As you can see from my tracker and stats, i started off at 19.5 stone and am over 7 stone down already.

Speaking personally, I have found LT easy just about from day 1 - but it veries a lot from person to person.

Lowest point probably Latitude festival where i was surrounded by good, great smelling food. braving some miserable weather and generally fancying some food. But I was fine, i was never tempted to actually have any, just really fancied it.

Oh and going to 'Gordon Ramsay at Claridges' and just having coffee!!

However, both occasions were tempered by the fact i was with some wonderful friends and had the *best* time. And that's more what life's about anyway :)

best of luck with your diet choice, I'll praise LT to the roof as I think it's ace - but go with what will work for you, and don't compare your weight loss too closely to anyone else's.

good luck.
Hi Amanda and welcome.

I started last year at 18st 9lb and was under 13 stone by week 18, others have done it quicker but it is easily achievable.

There are lots of people who have lost and are keeping it off. Porgeous looks, well gorgeous, she did CD and has kept her weight of for quite a while. Have a look at the maintenance section as there are many others who are maintaining their losses.

Like any diet once you come off it you will gain weight if you go back to your old habits!!! I know this from experience!!!!!

Good luck.

cambridge diet think its similar to lipotrim
Yep, CD is like LT, although I have no personal experience with it as I'm on LT. The difference is you get weighed and your shakes from a counsellor, Porgeous is one. They have more choice of flavours and different programs and a different refeed but the cost is roughly the same as LT. LL (Lighter Life) is another TFR, similar to CD with a counsellor but way more expensive.


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