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diff flavours??



weighs a lot less
the vanilla one is fine and you can have it with coffee hot or cold ,you can also make up the choc one with peppermint tea lovely ,the soup is an aquired taste some people love it while other hate it ,i like the peanut flapjacks but not the coconut ones my pharmasist got me some samples maybe you could try asking yours good luck and welcome to the forum xx


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Hello and welcome missy i personally love the choc shakes and the vamilla is quite nice. I didnt like the soup or the flapjacks but lots of people do so maybe give them a go xx


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Hi Missy,
The shakes are grand,soup is a change as its hot and you can throw blk pepper,paprika etc. into it,as for the flapjacks,well put it this way,they are an acquired taste,I prefer the coconut one.They are nothing, remotely like what you would know as flapjacks,they are like compressed mush with peanuts in both,I think (Ive examined them closely!) and they dont fill me at all like the shakes,has made me up the water though.They are edible but I wont be having them next week x


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I actually quite like the soups, but I tend to split them in halves, and at tea time, have a mug of soup, then a half a hot chocolate with half a spoon of decaf coffee in it.
With the soup, use a stick blender, it really is a must, so you dont get all the powdery lumps in it (sorry Tracy :)) You get a creamy froth ontop too, which is nice. I do put black pepper in mine, and sometimes spice it up with cayenne pepper and paprika. (cayenne speeds the metabolism too!) I dont think I could drink a whole sachet of soup though, half in a mug is deff the way to go for me, with a Hot choccy dessert after :D
Good luck hun,
PS, I haven't tried and of the flapjacks, and I'm not going to bother either, I think they might make me want more chewable naughties!


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Toni i feel sick now lol!! xxx
If you're getting bored, just remember that you'll loose a lot of weight by simply drinking these boring bloody drinks! That's what I kept telling myself and I never cheated. Treat it like a robotic function and you'll be fine, I was. Goodluck.

You must - must! - use chilled or iced water and mix with a blender. Mixed like this, the drinks a tasty.

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