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Difference Between


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In mine and my mums experience, the counselling on LL was video/dvd watching, and they were a bit condescending, and we find there is more variety in the CD foodpacks and bars and things, however I do know many people have sworn by the LL counselling sessions. In my opinion however the CD is better value for money.


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I am on CD and have 3 packs a day and visit my CDC. LL has councelling sessions too and 4 packs a day. Visit both of the websites for more details. I have found CD excellent and yes it really does work
Irene xx


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Both diets are brilliant so I would recommend you go along to the LighterLife introductory talk which is free and also call Cambridge on 0800 161412 and talk to your local CD counsellors and then make an informed decision on which programme would suit you best.

Whichever you choose they are both life changing diets and are brill



Hi Arms of an Angel,
Welcome to this wonderful site!!xx

I can only talk from my experiance of LL. Every LLC is different. My one chooses not to do any DVD's as she feels that they are no good. She preferes to interact with her clients and really gets to the root of overeating. Personally I need the counselling as I am the sort of person who needs to talk and I wear my heart on my sleeve.

The basics of the two diets follow the same sort of guidlines. Although there is a big difference in price. I pay sixty six pounds a week whereas CD is half that price...

I think you should visit both counselors before you make a decision.

Good luck with your weight loss journey and remember if you have any doubts or questions you only have to post on here and you will get great advice and help!!


Our counsellor at lighterlife is great and having done my 100 days and lost lots of weight I now believe its well worth the £66. My health is worth it, and I think it has helped me a lot to identify my reasons for being overweight.

However.... it does seem that the quality of the counsellor varies from place to place and although I wouldn't hesitate to recommend mine, thats not everyones experience fortunately!

I would go with advice already which will cost you nothing, go and see a lighterlife one for the info meeting, see if you like her/him and also call a cambridge one. You can then make your decision from there!

Good Luck and whatever you do.... I would choose one of the two, VLCD are great!



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I did 3 months on LL and lost 3 stone which was fantastic. The groups sessions helped me a lot, not so much the counselling but talking to others at the same stage as me helped a lot. However, by Xmas I started to feel the effect on my purse and switched over to Cambridge. I'm doing OK on this diet, first two days and have lost 5 lbs already (according to my scales) so am very pleased. LL was excellent if you can afford it and if you like to be in a group. I'll never know for sure whether I would have had the same result if I had started out on Cambridge. Its up to you and I think the advice you have already had is excellent, go see the counsellor for both diets and make your own decision. Either way, they are both excellent.


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I am on CD and have 3 packs a day and visit my CDC. LL has councelling sessions too and 4 packs a day. Visit both of the websites for more details. I have found CD excellent and yes it really does work
Irene xx

Bear in mind though - Lighterlife's 4 packs are simply 3 packs separated into 4 sachets!

Jo x


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Cambridge has more choice flavour wise, does Add a meal on week 5 - where on LL you have to get a blood pressure check up, doesn't normally do group sessions (although I believe some CDC's do them), have 790/1000/1250/1500 plans, have mix a mousse.

As Mike said both are excellent and everyone should make their own choice dependant on circumstances.


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Many thanks to all, I am dubious about the group sessions, but due to commitments to night school and work arkward hours. I think the CD sounds the better plus better on the purse strings as my partner is debating on doing it to but he wants to give up smoking too :) TEMPER TANTRUMS In our house ;)

I have gone fron 7 1/2 stone to 11 1/2 stone in 4 years and do not want to say I put on another. I know I was underweight when I moved in with my partner cause I burned more calories than I ate (plus I didn't drive then, everything was local, I didn't study and work). I know why I have put on the weight and already in 2 weeks of the new year lost 5lbs, but 5lbs in 2 weeks is too slow and I will lose motivation.

I had my whinge, cause I had a bad day with food today, and work and college boo hoo