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Different class/different scales...

I couldn't make my regular class this week so visited a lunch time one in town. Now my scales at home (usually accurate - unless I've gained - in which case they are wrong!!! LOL) have shown a 4lb loss.
I actually felt lighter too (if that doesn't sound too weird) Lo-and-behold the SW scales gave me just 1lb loss:sigh:

I'm not too bothered about this as a. it's still a loss and b. If its wrong - i'll just have a bumper reading next week at my regular class.

All household scales vary from pair to pair but what about SW ones..... what are your thoughts? Am I right or just delusional?

You decide......:p
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I would wait and see what next week brings for you!!
Congratulations on the loss this week anyway...its still coming off!


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Oh gosh, I hadn't thought of that!! I weighed in at a different class a couple of weeks back and lost 5lb. The next week I had put on 1lb. I guess it is possible that I, for arguements sake, actually lost 2lbs both weeks!


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We had a stand in consultant who brought her own scales to the class and everyone had amazing losses that week.

The next week the normal consultant took the class with her own scales and not one person lost! Our consultant thought this was a bit strange and there were a lot of unhappy members so the consultants got together and weighed themselves on each of their scales and the stand in consultants scales were weighing 4lbs lighter than our regular consultants scales :eek:
Which is odd, as all the scales are meant to be calibrated!!!
My Mum was a SW consultant until recently (has been for 10 years) and her scales were always going to be calibrated.
I wonder whether the calibration of scales etc has taken a back seat since they decided to introduce the new scales/card system.
we dont have a card at our class! do other people? x
my consultant mentioned card systems MONTHS ago but nothing has come of it. i think the lesson is always get weighed in same place same time on same scales for an accurate reading
This is one of the reasons why I dont do class.. everytime i have joined or attended class the scales have always weighed me heavier than any other scales and my losses have always been less :confused:
yes i think different scales at a different place will definitely give you a different result. also doing it at a different time of day if you got ot another class will affect it.
My consultant at class last night assured me that regardless of where u go 2 get weighed the scales at SW are always calibrated to the same setting. Sounds like that may not be the case though from what some of u have said!! Apparently the new cards for the 'card system' have been received by our consultant & we'll be starting with it in the next few wks x
so i take it the card system the scales are plugged into a laptop and the reading given on there?
There is a card reader attached to the laptop which does the payment side of things, then your consultant puts the card into a pda and this is attached to the scales. The scales read as normal but the weight is recorded on the pda, as are awards, targets etc. The consultant doesn't use bits of paper to record weight any more and uses the pda for image therapy. she can add comments etc to it.
It's a good system when it works!!!

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