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**different scales**

Aw hugs to you hun, been there so many times, it's horrible but don't let it put you off, keep that going into next week now especially if you're enjoying cooking up new things!

In answer to your question most consultants will tell you all scales are the same and by using the 2lb of fat they can prove it. HOWEVER, I have sw scales and I weigh on them at home then go to group and weigh with my consultant on her scales and they aren't always the same so who knows. It's certainly made me question it in the past thats for sure.


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The only way to work out if the other SWC's scales were showing false gains is to ask all the others in the group if they got the results they expected. The same scales on different floors can produce different results but if one of the 2 SWC's aren't calibrating the scales regularly then one of them could be wrong.

Don't be too disheartened, did you eat enough last week? If it's a false gain then it will show a big loss next week. Chat to your own SWC about it and ask if more people had unexpected gains
My set of bathroom scales said one week i'd put on 3lbs, instead of loosing- so crying i got my housemate to stand on the scales. (He's one of those types that has stayed exactly the same weight for 30 years, even after coming home from an all-inclusive holiday where he ate everything and anything he weighed his usual 11st 5 lbs) and he'd put on 3lbs as well! so we trudged over to a friends house, and used his scales- and ta-da! weight loss again of 3lbs for both of us! promptly bought new scales. I know how utterly disheartening this is for you though, as you focus so much time and energy into the diet/cooking/choosing recipes etc and when it doesn't work, it's like, argh! keep going and good luck

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There is also the question about calibrating scales too. My Mum is a consultant and has complained that her scales arent calibrated as regularly as they should be considering the use they get each week.
Wait and see what your own Consultant's scales say next week, you will be surprised!
Thanks for the reply's good to know they could be wrong. I am taking a medication which i have just found out can make you gain weight. I have gained 9lbs in 2weeks been on medication 4 weeks, been excellent on diet so i am thinking maybe need to stop med.


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Depending on how important the medication is! I was on Co-codamol for a month and that really played havoc with my weight but when I tried to stop taking it I realised I was in loads of pain!
my weight is one of the reasons i am on tablet(ad's) so weight gain not gonna help. Think visit to doc's will be next step.:sigh::sigh:

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