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Difficult day 3


Happily pro pointing!
Hi Ally

It really was a horrible day, it was last Saturday, so at least I could stay home and feel sorry for myself curled up watching tv. Sunday I felt miles better.
It really will get better. I was thinking if I feel like this all the way through I am never gonna make it, but now I really do feel fantastic.
Hang on in there, you will be totally fine, I am sure of it.
Glad you're doing well Ali. Hang in there Alley.Kat -- it does get better once the ketosis kicks in.

Thanks guys - I needed a bit of a boost. It's been difficult this afternoon and then I needed to go to the petrol station where its impossible to buy petrol without passing row after row of calorific food.

I'm looking forward to feeling a bit better soon...
Anyone besides me, old enough to remember when you stayed in the car and some young man pumped your fuel for you. And, cleaned the windscreen, checked the oil, etc.
Fraid I'm too young but that sounds fun! Defintley betteer than the food gauntlet of the modern petrol station - I wonder how many of my current lbs I put on from food I bought at petrol garages...
Hey Ally.kat --

It may be that this never happend in the UK. I grew up in the US, and when I was a little girl gas stations were called "service" stations. Ha! Now they are "mugging" stations. lol
Mugging stations - oh dear. I remember hearing about 'pump attendants' on the news when the Washington sniper murders were happening.

Can anything top the joy of going through a carwash as a child and seeing the massive brush machines roll over the windscreen
Hey Ally.kat,

My daughter and I still fo that... we drive into the car wash, I get out, put the payment card in, hurry and get back in and we pretend to shower and wash our hair as the car gets washed. It is a good laugh.

I'm alright-ish. The ketostix is turning pink/red (can't quite remember which end of the colour spectrum shows ketosis).

I'm not at full strength yet and my tummy was gurggling this morning and around lunchtime. I don't think it helps that I haven't had much sleep the last few days as I'm having trouble getting off to sleep.

I hope it will pick up soon and at least I have my first weight loss to look forward to on Saturday. The length of time this whole process (or first two stages - abstinence and rtm) is a little daunting and my family seem in disbelief that I can't eat normal food at Christmas ("can't you take a week off"). At least by then I might have the weight loss results to convince them with!


Happily pro pointing!
Hey Ally

As long as it turns a colour, you are in ketosis, if it is very dark it can indicate dehydration, so make sure you are drinking plenty.

I am sure your family will be fine by xmas, why would you want to take a week off so you can put all that weight on? Almost everyone will gain weight over xmas, exept you, and that is a real buzz, I lost 7lbs over the xmas/new year fortnight last time.
I found it relatively easy once they understood that I wasn't wavering, especially becuase someone else wanted me to!
It makes no difference to them whether you eat or not. It isn't going to ruin their holiday or yours. I found I enjoyed it just the same to be honest, it was the people I was sharing the holiday with not the food.
I am pretty confident again this year that I will be totally fine.

Hope you are having a good.
Hello all

Sounds like you are in 'k' which is great; looking forward to that myself. I think that's when sleeping started to get easier too - desperately need to get some proper rest as feel I've been lacking for a few months (pretty much since I started to get anxious about my weight again!) ...
Eating my mushroom soup at the desk; actually quite like it - I use a savoury drink sachet, black pepper and heaps of tabasco. Have had headaches since last night which I don't recall last time around but I just keep thinking that it'll pass and this will become business as usual fairly quickly...
Share your pain over the Christmas thing but as AliB says, it is possible and we can do it if we CHOOSE to. my strategy is to not mention it and not have the conversation then stick to my guns on the day(s). If I don't give the family heaps of warning, they won't be able to lecture me and shake my thinking.
Hope you are all well and everything is heading the way it should.
Have a good day x TMIWTB x


Releasing the goddess
Hi AK, once your body is well into Ketosis, the cravings dissapear and I experienced much better sleep, so hang in there. Once you see the great result on Saturday, this will spur you on.

If you ask most of the people on LL here on the forum about the time, they will say that it flys by. Which is so true.

Looking forward to seeing your Saturday WI results....xx
Thanks guys - needed some encouragement. Good to know I'm in ketosis - my stomach can continue rumbling and I know it's not serious.

TMIWTB - hope you enjoyed your soup. It's nice to have something hot.

Yeah, I think I will have to remember it doesn't affect them that much. The idea of losing half a stone while the world gains weight is a strong motivator. It will also be nice this year not to feel the guilt every time (oooh about once a second) an advert for slimming appears on the tv/magazine/newspaper in January.

How is everyone else getting on today?

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