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Dilemma!! Sorry V long!!

Hello everyone, i've been doing a lot of lurking recently and i thought i'd post and ask for your opinions .......

Basically tried to do cd twice already this year and gave up, so i joined ww which i kind of enjoyed but the weightloss was ridiculous for someone my size!! I lost 3.5lbs then 2lbs and I weighed almost 20st!!!!
I decided that it would be far too long a battle and that i would have to give cd another try, (gotta work sooner or later)
My problem is that im definatly an all or nothing girl, and my birthday meal is coming up - may 22, then my dd birthday june 5, these both include eating out so i'd rather not be ss'ing until after, however i am aware that the second birthday is 3 wks away and i can do much more damage in that time!

I guess the best thing to do would be to cut down on the amount im eating and introduce some water (i dont drink it unless im on cd)
Has anybody tried anything like 2 shakes a day plus a small meal? Just for a week- im thinking in the run up to my start date!
I'm really not sure what to do, any advice would be welcome and appreciated!!
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Start CD. If you start on the top level, i think its 1500 calories and only one bar, you will be dieting and well on your way but it would allow you to make a healthy choice when out for your birthday meals. After meals you can work your way down the levels to SS and get yourself in some really good habits. If you dont start until after the meals, you'll keep finding excuses. Lots of luck.
I agree with the previous response, if you don't start now, when will you?

If you work down the plans, either the 1500, 1200 or even 1000 plans will still allow you to eat out, and although you may not be able to choose your favourite food from the menu, you will have a big enough choice to not leave you feeling left out.

In my experience there is always SOMETHING on the horizon where you can't diet, so you end up putting it off and never starting.

Good luck
Thanks for your replies, i've only ever done ss on cd, so i'll take your advice and check out the other plans.
I have an appointment with my cdc on 21st May for a weigh in and a chat, so until then i'll lurk on here and try to cut down!!
Sounds like a plan!:D

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