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I am one of the 63336
I've been going to a class on Tuesday's but REALLY don't get on with the consultant so had decided to change to Thursdays.

Spoke to the Thursday consultant on Monday and she said to just come along today. BUT I can't get to todays meeting and the next local one I can get to is next Tuesdays one with my old consultant - so to all intents and purposes it looks like I've just missed a week.

Now, I'm loathe to pay for missing a week and having looked at the website it is offering free membership to anyone who signs up for a 12 week countdown.

So, should I pay for the missed week and carry on with present figures OR (as I've only been back a month or so) do I rejoin?!?!
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Wishing and hoping!
don't make yourself stressed out, I would do what makes you feel comftable - it is only one weigh in that you miss and if you really can not wait you could always weigh yourself that day in the morning!
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ilovelife makes a good point, I would just miss the week and carry on!! Can you not have this week as a holiday week if you phone in good time?X
depends when I miss for a few weeks its cheaper to rejoin but I always pay for keeping my record ( feel as done so good that I want it on my record ) bummer tho pay for missed weeks and you still dont get password!


I am one of the 63336
The problem is that my registered class is still the Tuesday one.

I think what I'll do is rejoin at the Thursday class next week. I was considering paying for a coundown anyway so it would be free to join.
It makes a differance have a good consultant I just wish mine hadnt moved days she moved the class to the only day that I cant go:( Had classes 15miles nearer but liked her motavation .

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