Call me Linzi...
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After deciding to go onto CD I phoned around a lot of CDC's that where posted local to me on the Cambridge website.

Yesterday I set off to see the first one who called me back & although multi-map said it was a 30 minute drive b'coz of they type of roads it took over an hour & the same to get back.
Today a CDC called you is just around the corner from me which would be fantastic but I have signed up with this other lady.

Do you think I should...
  1. Stick with the lady I saw yesterday & swallow the journey that its going to take me.
  2. Phone her & explain the situation?
  3. Or something else (can't think what yet!)
Thanks in advance for your advice.x
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To be honest Ditz, I think a CDC who is close to where you live is the best option. A two hour return journey sounds like a bit of a nightmare, and may make all the difference between you sticking to the plan and falling by the wayside... unless she is prepared to come to you! I had a similar problem when I started out, and finding a CDC nearby(ish) was why I opted for CD rather than LL which would have meant a similar trek for me as the one you are making. In this wintry weather, I just knew I wouldn't stick to it.
Can you go to see the nearby CDC and just check that you get on with her before you make a final decision? Good luck.


biker babe!
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yeah, i would just tell your current (and very far away) CDC that you are sorry but she/he lives just too far away and that there is another, much closer cdc. im sure they will understand and besides, you dont have any obligation to stay with the same cdc all the way through if you dont want to.
Hope you figure out what to do!


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Go and see the local CDC first to see how you get on with her. A CDC who becomes more than a CDC can be worth a longer journey. If you get on well with the local CDC then yes ring the further away one and explain.


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Why not go to see the lady near you and have a chat with her - you may feel her style doesn't suit you or you or a visit may help you make your decision.

How about asking if you can have a chat and discuss the diet then if you feel yes this is right for me, explain to her the situation and ring the first CDC to explain to her too. I'm sure they will understand.

At least this way you don't burn your bridges so to speak and leave one just to wish you hadn't. Sounds like someone closer would be easier to visit but I think it the councellor that's right for you that matters most.

Just a thought - good luck


Trying Harder
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mine is two hours round trip to, which is a real pain but makes house calls, although I really feel the counselling will benefit me. On LL I did 100 days ss with no cheating and on CD as its a two minute meeting it seems a waste of time to go there. If you can go local with someone you can get on with I would say do it.


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my cdc is a 4hr round trip :( :( although there is another closer one to me and i tried to get appitment but she never bothered calling me back so i make the journey!


Call me Linzi...
S: 21st5.5lb C: 11st4lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 25.5 Loss: 10st1.5lb(47.25%)
Thanks everyone... am going to phone the local lady tomorrow & arrange to see her & if I like her will phone up & change.

Having thought today that if I want to swap flavours or need something else it would be easier closer... although an hour each way doesn't seem so far now with your trek Becky! x