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Dim Friday...


Nearly there...
Having a dim Friday here :sigh: feeling very tired and hormonal today...

Not eating though so I'm not THAT bad!!

Silly question? I dunno:
Can the bars take you out of Ketosis? Is it likely or unlikely? Are you better off on shakes (Tetras in my case) just to lose that bit more each week?

Could murder a pro-plus or two and a latte, alas - I shall have copious water and a few swigs of coffee :cry:

Have a good day everyone!!

Sauce xx
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The crunchy bars have the same amount of carbs as the shakes, so there's no reason why they should take you out of ketosois. The chewy bars have 10 more carbs than the rest of the range, but again, shouldn't take you out of ketosis. You have to remember, Cambridge has been around for many years and has been perfected to help you lose weight. Just folllow the instructions, ie have the products and drink the minimum water that's recommend, more if poss, and you will lose weight.


Happiest Girl :D
I thought the bars took me out too, my ketostix stopped turning pink and I felt a bit hungrier but when I started 810 and really DID come out of ketosis, I realised I was wrong :) You don't actually lose more weight being in ketosis, it just stops you feeling as hungry


Nearly there...
Hmm... Interesting. I did say dim Friday didn't I ;D


Nearly there...
Also....:7834: and can't toilet :cry:


Happiest Girl :D
Sauce said:
Rough aint it... having lots n lots of..:brainfart:

But no real ones!!! (Well, TMI, not powerful ones....!!) :argh:
Lol! I've still got sore abs from the 40 minute bathroom incident on Wednesday


Nearly there...
PMSL!!! Haha. I have taken senna 2 days in a row and still waiting, apparently walking helps shift things along too... I wouldn't up the bar intake unless we were talking mega pain. Or being admitted to hospital for an extraction!! Colonic hydrotherapy is meant to be good too, get rid of all the old cr*p like :D

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