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Dim Question maybe?

Sorry to keep annoying you all but having done the 1st week and lost nothing, I am panicking a little lol.
All the veg that is measured in cups..... for example mushrooms. Do you chop the mushrooms before measuring or not. Obviously you get more this way and wondered if I am having too many carbs. Also with your leafy greens, do you press them into a cup to measure or not - I can't imagine getting very many if not :confused: Obviously fluids aren't a problem but just wondered about solids? It would be so much easier in ozs lol. Does a maintenance or experienced Atkiners person fancy converting it for me?:8855:x
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Thaks for your help Stephen. I am still a little confused though lol. I clinked on the link you sent me and as far as measurements gi, it jsut says as much as your carb intake allows. Am I being really stoopid here? It wouldn't be the first time! ;)


Mines a V&T Please
print this off its a bible to me and the mrs

this is the foods allowed in the induction stage.

the top two are as its says free ie high protien and fats and oils

the others make up the max of 20 carbs but the salad section try and have 120g of per day the veg 130g per day say within these and try to be active it should start to come of.

Thanks mate, I've printed it off. I shall persevere :D


Mines a V&T Please
the weight i gave you come out of the new atkins book but the weight/carb value varies with different veg/salad
Thanks Stephen. Don't do milk so that's not a problem lol! I had already looked at that last link but again it's all in cups.
Thanks for your help, much appreciated :D
You're an absolute star - thanks! :happy096:
Ok Stephen, Im bugging you again lol. It said 120g of salad or approx anyway per day. Now I'm puzzled as that conversion chart you sent me states that 1 cup is 8oz which is way more than that especially as we're allowed 3 cups/day - confused :confused: x


Mines a V&T Please
weigh the salad, after a while you can guess this, i use a bowl to take out to work fill to a level i buy the pre cut stuff in bag easy to use.


Mines a V&T Please
om the veg i tend to not use the cup very american use scales as carb value varies between types of veg
OK thanks for that. I've just put celery in for an example and it's telling me that 110g is 2g carb wheres atkins says its 0.8g per stalk. I'll have to weigh it now and see if a stalk weighs a lot less than 110g lol ;)
I'd already done that - it gave a reading of 4g for 110g of celery. This was broken down into 2g of fibre which I subtracted leaving me with 2g of carb - seems a lot for a clery stick lol. Still need to weigh a stick of celery! :)

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