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Dinka Donka's Cambridge Diary - HELP ME!!

Hey all!

I have been over at WW for a few weeks and gone up n down up n down so im coming back to cambridge for the FINAL time, oooh my stomach is hungry it just gurgled right on queue, the joys of the first few days!

I am 21 from Newcastle, looking to lose 8stone plus, not sure exactly how much but at least 8 stone!

I am my heaviest ever at the moment and took some very disturbing underwear pics last night (my poor husband) which really shocked me and i have to do this! We are trying for a baby but because of my size and PCOS I dont have monthly periods so im hoping the weight loss will boost my fertility enough to carry the baby we are both so desperate for.

Day 1 today and I am sooooo hungry but I know it will get easier, past 3 times I have given up on day1 so that tells you about my willpower!

This time, lets do this!!
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Hey, just spoke to my CDC and I am going to use up what I have left still in date from last time so I wont be starting until monday as I only have 5 days worth but limiting carbs until then to make it easier! xx
OK i have to start now, il have to go to councellor 2 days early, i went str8 into kitchen and got chicken and curry sauce out, help me , im out of control
I am in tears sitting thinking wtf am i doing, im shaking im so angry with myself and feel so out of control but im still thinking i need something to eat, im physically shaking, I have PCOS, i seem to binge all the time, im 21yr old, i dont hide that I LOVE my food and thats why im struggling so much with starting CD

This is my first day, I had a tetra for breakfast and I just feel like I want to burst into tears, the reason im here is because we want a baby next year but I dont have periods with my PCOS and im over 22 stone!

I dunno what to do, i just feel so shaking and emotional, is this the diet for me or should I accept its going to take longer but a normal eating plan is better?????
Hi Dinks, don't panic chuck you CAN do this!!!
The first 3-4days are hard but you know it'l get better. Try to stay focussed on why your doing this and what the end result will be. Take a deep breath and relax.
Try and drink plenty of water, keep yourself occupied and if need be take the next few days easy and don;t be too hard on yourself.


sisters of slim
the only person who can do this diet is you,and trust me you have the biggest reason i can think of (a baby) to spur you on,keep out of the kitchen,keep glugging the water whenever you are hungry,your losses each week will be brilliant if you can just get through these 1st few days.good luck.
Hey hun, please don't get upset and start questioning whether you can do it... YOU CAN!!! You just need to sit these difficult first few days out and then you'll find it much easier.

I'm switching from WW (was keeping up with your diary over there, but promise I'm not stalking you!) too, and know that the first few days are the hardest. You have to do this hun, just keep your eyes on your goal and don't let anything get in your way.

(((((hugs))))) xxx


Fat busting crime fighter
you totally can do this, mrs!
But if you are really stressed and because you have a big journey ahead of you and becuase you (like me) like your food ... im begging you to try SS+. Its just the best option for me and the little nibbles between shakes on lean chicken and fish is making my weight drop off.
consider this my freind.... hugs xx
You can do it - stick with it. Drink lots. If you're hungry try painting your nails or having a bath. The first three days are the worst but after that it gets MUCH easier!! Stick with it. having lost almost 8 stone now it feels fantastic and really is worth it. Stick with it and have a big hug. ;)
Good luck and welcome!

Wishing you all the best on the start of your new journey!

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