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Dinka Donka's Diary - Still here but bloomin frustrated!

Hi Guys,

I have been on every diet on minimins I think within the last 2 years and im still heavier than ever and feeling very down and depressed at the moment :(

I have had a chat with my mum and basically she said I need to sort myself out and stop thinking im going to find a miracle diet where I can lose 7lbs a week. I tried cambridge about 10 times and I just cant stick to it, ive tried and tried and I just cannot do it so Im not putting myself through the disappointment again. My mum said I need to accept I might only lose 1-2lbs a week but at least its going the right way, im cant keep losing 7lbs in a week and then bingeing and up going off the rails completely.

So here I am, back ready to start weight watchers, it will be from home as my ridiculous working hours and rota dont make it possible to attend most classes.

It is going to be a long journey and im ready for it mentally this time which I think ive always missed, I think I always set my expectations too high and then Im disappointed when I dont reach them and I end up ruining it for myself by bingeing.

I have 10 stone to lose!! So I will be here for quite a while but chipping away at it. To be honest if I lose 7 stone I remember being happy at that weight, i certainly wasnt thin but i was healthy and happy, then I met my husband and was also diagnosed with PCOS so the pounds piled on !

I am weighing in tonight at home since i read the coolest people get weighed on a monday :p

I will update ticker to the correct starting weight tonight and let the battle commence.

I got married 4 months ago and since then have gained a stone and a half so thats my first target. I will be updating my diary daily as much as possible so look forward to getting to know you all.

My pics are below if your interested xx speak soon everyone xx

My official Album : http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=68056&l=cd6b8&id=507230733

Friends and Familys Pics:


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Hi Good luck with your weight watchers journey, take one day at a time and the weight will come off, I think ideally we would all like miracle cures but unfortunately they don't exsist :( CD is definately the hardest diet's and I failed too :(:(. you looked beautiful in your pics btw
bloomin thing posted twice opps so i deleted it and wrote this, just in case everyone thinks i'm mad:eek: not found how to delete yet:sigh:
I couldnt handle eating unlimited amounts of certain food on WW, I know they say unlimited but unlimited to me leads to binge eating as I need to learn portion sizes etc which is why i think this is going to be best for me. x
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Hi Verity, (what a lovely name btw!)
Had a peek at your wedding pics you looked lovely & very happy congrats!!

Now weight loss.. you have to think of it this way it took you years to put on all this weight and so its not natural to lose it quickly, plus you dont want to get saggy skin etc from losing it too fast!!

Your mum is right, you have to accept that 1-2lb will come off a week & atleast this wil be real fat not fluids. You sound fairly motivated and i look forward to seeing you shrinking along with the rest of us. I have 5 stone to lose and it seems like forever away until i will be at my goal weight but it makes me think i will appreciate it a whole lot more when i finally get there.

Good luck, keep your chin up! :)


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Welcome Verity!

Good luck with your journey. I'm sure once you see the pounds coming off and knowing you can eat foods that are not allowed on other diets, you will cope a little better.

Beautiful pics BTW!
Thanks for all the support and good luck to everyone else too im always here if you want to talk. Im on msn a LOT!! lol [email protected] feel free to add me to chat and give/recieve support anytime of day.

I just had my weigh in, monday night is going to be my weigh in, my husband is weighing me so no cheating lol, have been to asda tonight to stock up on low point food and snacks for the week ahead.

I was 1lb under what I was last week when I attempted SW but decided unlimited amounts of certain foods is NOT a good idea for me as I tend to have major binges so want to learn portion control etc.

So starting weight of 22.3 OMG yes!! Cant believe my weight got so out of control but lets move forward and get it down. We are TTC later in the year and dont want to do it at this size plus i dont have monthlys because of my PCOS, doc said they should return once I lose the bulk of the weight as they only stopped when I gained a lot in a short space of time. I was 16 stone when I met my husband 5 years ago and in 5 years have gained 6 stone!! Scary but I will turn my life around for his sake as well as my own, he doesnt want a life stuck indoors with an overweight wife who doesnt have any fun, I can do this for us as a couple!!

My goal weight is 13 stone which is probably still classed as obese but you know what I dont care, im doing this to feel healthy and I remember when I was 11 stone I wasnt happy I actually felt underweight, I love my curves when Im slimmer but not THIN so 13 stones it is!!

Yeyyyy and shes ........offffff

Love to u all xx


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S: 84.82kg C: 78.02kg G: 68.04kg BMI: 29.1 Loss: 6.8kg(8.02%)
Good luck girls :) You can do it!
I got married 3 months ago and like you I put on about a stone!! I back on WW as the sensible way to keep the weigh off! Fancy keeping each other on track? You go msn?


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hi Verity

just wanted to wish you luck and i am sure that you will do it. like you i have tried various diets but never seem to stick to them.

instead of having your weight loss ticker as it is, have you thought about doing a mini one above it with say, 14lbs to loose. the line will travel along much faster and it may give you more incentive. (thats what i am going to do after my first weigh in) xx


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Just wanted to wish you all the determination and willpower hun! ..a start of a new journey!

Well Ive had golden syrup flavour oat so simple with skimmed milk for breakfast, Ive only got the points calculator until i get the points book back from mum today, is 3pts correct? x
Hi Verity and welcome to WW. You seem to have a good and positive attitude and will go far with that.

Don't know the points in Oat So Simple but if you post up the cals and sat fat I can work it out for you x
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Hi Verity and welcome to WW! Best of luck on your weightloss journey! xx
Well day 1 almost over, just having my tea cooked by DH. I have had oat so simple for breakfast, ham and cheese brown bun sandwich and a packet of frazzles and then another pack for a snack this afternoon and now im having thai curry for tea with basmati rice yum yum

I am allowed 30 pts arent I? Im 22stone 3lbs and 5'2

Dinka x

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