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Prod too late now, but I had ww ocean pie and veggies.


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What's the general concensus on WW products? I know several people who have loast a lot and maintained on them. And TracyJ seems to use them. Personally I want to make the stuff myself, avoid the additives stuff! Does anyone know how they do GL wise or is it completly variable?

I dont know hun tbh

I ended up having a tablespoon of pasta in sweet pepper sauce - cabbage and salad

Ive had a bit of a bad day today - I ate a whole load of oatcakes.... so i cant keep them in the house anymore.

To teach myself a lesson I went on 2/3 mile walk - but just there i was hungry again and i ate a pear. I feel bloated and horrible..

Where did my disapline go?
Im disgusted with myself because according to my scales in the mornings Ive lost 1lb which ive no doubt put up again

Just a real bad day food wise - but im gonna walk the legs off myself this weekend

xx Cathy xx

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Don't worry ally you're not alone on this one. I think this refeedings gone to my head a little and what i'm eating is healthy and i'm eating way lower calories than I used to but I feel i'm eating alot and feel crap at the mo. I still feel very fat and if it werent for social things coming up i'd go back to LT and take eating out of the equation. Much more simple. I'm going to York for the day tomorrow so gunna have bar in the morning but the other 2 meals will be out so i've been looking up where I can go but from Sun I think i'll replace 2 meals instead of one for a week or so.


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Maybe you need to eat more at your actual meal times, bulk it out more with protein and veg. Im having the lt maintenance soup everyday at about 1pm and I add broccli, cauliflower and carrots to it and its lovely and it keeps me going to dinnertime at 6pm.

xx Cathy xx

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are you still replacing 2 meals bindi? think i may be doing it i cant lose weight at the mo


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Hi Cathy
Ye Im replacing brekkie with a lt bar and lunch with the lt maint soup then have low fat dinner in the evening, as per previous posts of mine am debating if I will stick with this or just do a low calorie diet til I can go back on tfr. Maintenance is working out expensive enough and feel I could manage without them. Will see how I get on, will stick to maint for this wk anyway cos have hens wkend away this wkend so need to be extra good all wk.

xx Cathy xx

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Me too my hen dos on the 28th and if you look on my photo album i've bought a gorgeous size 12 dress to get into (it fits but it still needs to fit in 2 weeks time!). My weight has been going rubbish. As soon as I started adding carbs I put on 4lb in 2 days and I can't seem to get rid of em. I don't think its fat as I've stuck to it pretty well (had the odd treat but we're talking oatcakes not choc n crisps) I hardly have bread/potatoes etc anyway but I have had a fair bit of fruit. My doc said when people come off TFR their liver stores about 3lb in glucose? (not sure) but you lose it when you do TFR and regain it when you eat again.

Either way from today i'll be having either 2 maintenance and a meal or something with equivalent or lower in calories and fat.


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you look great in your dress...woohoo you!
Bindi,I like the sound of what you do to the soup mmmmmm x


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Ye Garry, add some broccli and cauliflower and black pepper to it, its fab, ive just had a bowl...I also add 400mls water to it cos I think its a bit gloopy when made on 300mls.


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Today I had a roast dinner, 1 slice roast beef, steamed veggies and 1 scoop of mash, with some low-fat gravy, yummy, portion control is now a way of life, and getting easier..
well done keep them portions small,am goin back on lt tomo aghhhhhhhhhhhh

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