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Nearly a yummy Mummy
omg i cant believe it, i have finally hit

I am so happy and very proud of myself indeed. This is going to be my new diary which will include upping my excercise regime and maintaining. I am determoned to stay in the 9 stone somethings now :D:D:D
I never thought i would get there but i have worked sooo hard. Its been tough but i know this is only the beginning.

I am ecstatic xxx
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Nearly a yummy Mummy
I owe a lot of it to you xxxx


Nearly a yummy Mummy
Thanks Pigletville, I still cannot quite belive it x


Trying to stay healthy!
Congratulations Dione!
well done on getting to goal and good luck with moving up the plans!


Well done hun!!! :D :D :D



Nearly a yummy Mummy
Thanks Lelly & SS.

Maitenance is going really well so far. I have been completing 2 miles runs every Tues, Wed, Thurs and boxercise Mon & Fri and i feel great. Hubby is away next week which is rubbish coz it means i cant go to boxercise or running so ill have to do my Davina dvd. I dont feel i work as hard when i do that but i suppose its still excercise. xxx


Nearly a yummy Mummy
Well i have got a wedding to go to tonight and i am debating whether to drive or not. Part of me wants to let my hair down and have a drink but the other part of me want to drive and stick to water. mmm decisions decisions lol. I am going to see how i feel a bit later.

So far i have had 1 shake and my shredded wheat but no water yet..naughty!! Imust start drinking it escpecially if i decide to not drive tonight.
Congratulations on getting to goal! You must be over the moon. Good luck with moving up the plans. Its great to be eating again, but beware the temptation to return to old habits.... speaking from bad experience...:eek:!! Hope the wedding was fun. xx


Nearly a yummy Mummy
Thanks buttefly. I am not going to make the same mistake that i did last time (bad habits) coz thats why i had to return. I definately look at food differently now. If i have an occasion i.e wedding, party then i may have a little treat but then im straight back on plan the following day. I understand now that its all about moderation and i have to say i am loving the new controlled me lol.
Thanks for the advice hun xxx


Nearly a yummy Mummy
Yeah i am going to hun xxxxx New diary, new me lol x


Nearly a yummy Mummy
Dear Diary,

Well i went to the wedding last night, bride and groom looked lovely and it was a brilliant night. The drinks were definately flowing and to say i was a little typsy is an undersatement lol lol. I ended up having chips at 1am this morning:eek::eek:

Its fine though, i am not angry, gutted or disappointed as it was a night out and iwas extremely drunk.

The only bad thing is how hung over i feel today :9529:

However i am straight back on plan today. I have had 500ml water, coffee (much needed lol) and shredded wheat.

I dont mind having the odd thing when i am outfor an occasion as i know i will go straight back to plan the following day. I know that it wont lead into eating crap the following day, and the next and the next. My mind is so focused and i now understand the whole "moderation" rule. 80% good 80% of the time, we are human after all. There is no way that any of us will be 100% good 100% of the time for the rest of our lives, its impossible and would be extremely boring.

Anyway i thought i would share my thoughts with you all and hopefully it will help others if they have "the wrong foods" at anytime.

The only good thing about hang overs is it makes you extremly thirsty so im off to glug some more water lol xxx


Nearly a yummy Mummy
pmsl no babe even though i am worried about ou ssing lol


Nearly a yummy Mummy
and thats only coz i luv ya lol xxx

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