ProPoints Dippys diary 2014... this is my time!

Discussion in 'Weight Watchers - Food Diaries' started by dippychk, 6 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. dippychk

    dippychk Well-Known Member

    Hi all,

    Quick introduction. Im a rejoining member to ww. I joined july 2012 and lost a stone. I then went on holiday in the oct and everything went downhill from there. So 2013 seen me try herbalife, slimming world (a few times) calorie counting and the 5:2 diet all before my wedding in july. Needless to say I didnt lose very much. And now im married nearly 6 months and the joys of honeymoon and wedded bliss have seen me gain 1 stone, taking me to the heaviest weight iv been in my life :(

    Im 23 and have just over a stone and half to lose. Ideally I would like this off by my 24th birthday in april. My current weight is 11 stone 8lbs. I would like to get too 9 stone 12lb.

    I am an online member as there are no groups near me. Today is my first official day and I am feelin determined. :) enjoy and thanks fpr reading :)

    dippy xx
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  3. dippychk

    dippychk Well-Known Member

    Have the flu at the min and im off work sick. But I needed to start today otherwise I never would have started.

    So my first day: mon 6th jan

    Lunch: some champ and cabbage and 2 bits of bacon. Mashed with butter. Needed sumfin soft for my throat. Worked out at 14pp.

    Have had 2 litres of NAS squash sp far.

    Will update later :)

    dippy xx
  4. Jenni masters

    Jenni masters Well-Known Member

    Subscribing hun look forward to following your diary x

    2/1/14. 15st 2lb
  5. dippychk

    dippychk Well-Known Member

    Hi and welcome :) x

    dippy xx
  6. Shez__x

    Shez__x Well-Known Member

    subscribing :)
    good luck!! z
  7. Cas3

    Cas3 Well-Known Member

    Hey dippy, subscribing-good luck! We've got around the same amount to lose x
  8. wendycroxs

    wendycroxs Well-Known Member

    Hi hun here to subscribe xx
  9. Lostris

    Lostris Serena's title didn't fit

    Subscribing :)
    I am sure you can do it. Howare you feeling today? Xx
  10. dippychk

    dippychk Well-Known Member

    Thank u lostris :)

    Well after sleeping most of the day away yesterday, I got up and had 1 slice of toast last night. So didnt go over my points.

    Feelin slightly better today but stil not 100%. Off work again today. But hope to go back 2moro.

    Todays plan is:

    40g weetabix choc minis 4pp
    140ml semi skimmed 2pp.

    Ww cottage pie 5pp.

    Ww spag bol 7pp
    100g aunt bessies chips 4pp.
    Veg 0pp

    2 litres of water.

    Gona have a hot choc later 1pp

    And poss a toasted sw skinny with ham 3pp

    26/26 so far
    0/49 weeklies

    dippy xx
    Last edited: 7 January 2014
  11. Sweet as pie

    Sweet as pie Well-Known Member

    Subscribing, good luck with it hope you feel better soon
  12. Lostris

    Lostris Serena's title didn't fit

    Being ill is generally good for the pp isnt it. I just tend to eat apple sauce when ill, hahaha.
  13. dippychk

    dippychk Well-Known Member

    Yes as iv been awake for about 3 hours in the last 48 I havnt had much chance to be hungry lol.

    Hopin its this easy when im better :)

    dippy xx
  14. dippychk

    dippychk Well-Known Member

    Tomorrows plan is:

    Wed 8th jan

    40g weetabix choc minis 4pp
    140ml semi skimmed 2pp

    Mid morn- banana

    2 egg omelette with 2 x bacon, mixed peppers and onion. 6pp

    Ww sweet chilli chkn & rice 8pp
    100g aunt bessies chips 4pp
    Brocolli, cauli and carrots 0pp

    Ww caramel cake bar. 2pp

    26/26 daily
    0/49 weeklies

    dippy xx
  15. Lostris

    Lostris Serena's title didn't fit

    Are the ww bars palata le? I always wonder if they taste like anything at all to be honest.

    Love cooked lunches,c an not do it at my place of work unfortunately. Generally eat a cooked lunch when having lunch at home though
  16. dippychk

    dippychk Well-Known Member

    O yes I love the caramel cake bars they r really rich. Small but they are just enough.

    I know I love lunches at weekends cuz I cam b more adventurous whereas at work ther is a time limit so it has to be sumthin made quickly. Im still off work sick and have lost my taste buds now too so trying to cook nice things :)

    dippy xx
  17. dippychk

    dippychk Well-Known Member

    Slight change to lunch plans 2day as ddnt have any eggs :-/

    Hada sw skinny 2pp
    2 x bacon meds 2pp
    20g cheddar 2pp
    Fried onions and peppers. Ws yummy.

    dippy xx
  18. dippychk

    dippychk Well-Known Member

    Ended up using some weeklies last.night.

    Had a toasted sw skinny 2pp
    SAJ crunchy curls 2pp
    3 x kallo choc rice cakes 5pp

    So total was 26/26 daily
    9/49 weekiles

    Todays plan thurs 9th jan

    40g weetabix choc minis 4pp
    250ml soya milk light (sum in cereal rest in tea) 2pp

    Sw skinny 2pp
    2 x low fat sausages 3pp

    Ww chkn curry 8pp
    100g aunt bessies chips 4pp

    Ww choc digestive 1pp
    3 x choc rice cakes 5pp
    Dairy milk diam 5x squares 4pp
    2 x egg and bacon omlette with cheese 8pp

    26/26 so far. Wil update later
    24/49 weekiles

    dippy xx
    Last edited: 9 January 2014
  19. Lostris

    Lostris Serena's title didn't fit

    What kind of low fat sausages are just 3pp? Thats awesome in pp haha.

    food looks good.
  20. dippychk

    dippychk Well-Known Member

    Its Denny low fat sausages. They are 2pp each. But wen I put 2 x of them into my app it was 3pp. Very pleased lol

    dippy xx
  21. dippychk

    dippychk Well-Known Member

    Friday 10th jan:

    Breakie: 2 x cups of tea 1pp for milk.
    Lunch: sw skinny 2pp
    Bacon x 2 2pp
    Onion 0pp
    10g cheese 1pp

    Wil update dinner later

    dippy xx

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