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Disapointed in myself

I got on the scales last night (i am doing the plan from home as i am saving every £ i have in preparation for being a student again!) and i have put on the 3lbs i've lost :(:cry:

I know, i haven't been good, but come on 3lbs in a week?!?!?!

I felt like giving up last night! I think i've talked myself back into it today but I feel like if i want to lose weight i have to give up my social life.....my body is not good if i have one thing wrong in a week - like alcohol if i drink anything i put on weight - doesn't matter how good i am during the week, and if i have a meal out i put on.

It's so frustrating!!!!

Hopefully i am back on it and trying to stick with it...but again i am over a friends tonight for dinner and have no control over what she cooks! :rolleyes:

Sorry just had to vent!
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couldnt you save syns for when you have times when you havent got much control over food, like for when you go to a friend's for dinner. maybe on the other days try to have them Syn free.

i havent been doing sw for long maybe someone else could offer advise. dont beat yourself up and dont give up. if you hadnt lost those 3lbs from the previous week then you could have been 3lbs heavier than you started.


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Unfortunately life does get in the way of dieting but I would say SW is probably the easiest to fit in with a social life, in my opinion!!
Do you always weigh in the evening? Most people weigh more after a day of eating and drinking so if you weighed in the morning before and have now weighed in the evening, theres your answer as to why you are 3lbs heavier!! I know I weigh anything from 3-5lbs more in the evening.
I know how you feel about gaining weight as soon as you go slightly off plan...I am the same and its very frustrating when I am at class and others still lose lbs despite confessing to having been 'naughty!'
However, the way I see it is, if I wasn't following SW, how much would I be gaining? At least this way, the weight is shifting, albeit slowly!!!
Try and again in the morning, butt naked and after youve been to the loo!

Also, if you are hormonal at all, the week before your time of the month especially - you will weigh heavier.

Hang on in there!
Hi Kim
Im also doing this from home myself, as Im a single mum, and constantly skint. lol
Sometimes I feel like this wont work unless I go to a group meeting.... please convince me it WILL work.....
I went to buy some fruit yesterday, and its SOOOOO expensive... £2 for 6 strawberries.... with the amount that I can stuff in, that would cost me like a fiver a day... lol


Trying again!!!
Don't give up Kim ~ I don't go to group and am finding SW a great "diet" and this forum is a lifeline for me. I weigh myself first thing on a Monday morning (naked and after a pee ~ sorry if that is tmi!!!) and then try not to weigh myself until the sunday before my next WI (not easy as am addicted to the scales). Over 12 weeks I have lost 7.5 lbs and have had countless social events and outings and as Lentil says of all the diet plans SW fits in more with a social life than any I have tried before. Keep at it hun xx
Thanks for all your encouragement.

I am trying and i have written a rough plan for the week eating wise and the only obstacle i have at the weekend is a night out for my boyfriends birthday, but we are bowling and drinks so hopefully i'll burn some of the calories i'll be drinking!

Thanks for the support, i will stick with it, i guess i'm just feeling discouraged, and maybe a little hormonal as i'm due on next week.

I normally weigh in the evenings after work - before dinner, but i may start weighing in the morning and see if that gives me a better idea. I guess i stuck with the after work thing because thats what i used to do when i was going to class.

debbywebby1970 tell me about it - it's so expensive to get strawberries and raspberries. I got some of the frozen packs of berries, raspberries and cherries - i tend to have those mixed with yogurt for pudding in the evening, and it means i am not eating so many expensive fresh packs. I eat the fresh ones if it's just those i am snacking on.
We can both do it i am sure! I guess we're saving money on chocolate bars and take-aways so it probably evens out somewhere along the line! good luck :)

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