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I went to a funeral yesterday and then we all went to wetherspoons and I ended up with a burger. After checking the syn value on here, I found it was 60.5 syns for the burger alone, excluding the chips that came with it. I ate the blooming lot. Add that to the 1 1/2 bottles of wine I drank throughout the course of the day, it's more than my syn allowance for the whole week!

I'm really disappointed in myself cos it's only my second week and I was doing really well sticking to the plan. I feel really down about it and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it wouldn't have affected me that much especially if I have no syns for the rest of the week, but how the hell I can come back from that?! :(
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Wishing and hoping!
It happens, we are make errors its where we learn the best on the journey of SW. Just a draw a line under it and start again rather then fill yourself with guilt which could lead to self sabbatage :D


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Yep, I agree with above. Draw a line under it, don't beat yourself up and move on. You'll be fine - these things happen.
start again right now but don't leave it until tomorrow/next week.We 've all done it -its not the end of the world even if it feels like it.
Thanks for your replies, I am sticking to the plan today and you're all right, I need to draw a line under it and carry on as normal. Do you think I should still have some syn's a day or try and do none at all until the new week starts on Monday? x


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If not having any will make you feel deprived and tempted to fall off the plan, then allow yourself 5 a day. If you can manage without then it will limit the damage!
The best thing to do is forget it and carry on as you should be, that includes having a few syns in my opinion.


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you cannot un-do what you have eaten so moving on is really the only option. just remember how you feel right now and make sure you check out the syn values of any restaurants (if they are pre-planned visits) before you go next time.

the fact that you have been doing so well until now and that you feel this bad shows that you have what it takes to do well on SW so dont sweat it, its a momentary blip that'll soon be forgotten.

I've done kinda the same today..been to Mcdonalds for tea..my syns for today now stands at 49.5 :( but it really was needed..been craving junk all day and I just think it could have been worse. Like you,was now trying to figure out what I'm gonna do about having syns for the rest of this week :confused:
I think I'm gonna stick to 1-5 a day and hope for no damage WI day Monday!

We can do it!!!!


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Draw a line - start with 5 syns a day from now on until weigh in.

For future reference ive heard the 5 Bean Chilli is about 5 syns in Weatherspoons on a EE day - so next time have one of those :D xxx


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hey hun

I can't really add more than what's already been said, just don't beat yourself up about it, its been done, can't change it and now have a fresh start. Don't restrict yourself completely as you are setting yourself up for a fail so give yourself 5-10 syns for the rest of the week and if you do gain, take it on the chin and at least you know why. We are all human at the end of the day and certain situations we find ourselves in are really difficult to handle. You've done so well in actually admitting what you have done and tried to syn it so take credit for that and be proud that you've actually reckognised that you've gone way over on your syns and you know not to do the same thing again.

Well done on your weightloss so far, its proof that it does work and if you optimise effectively I'm sure you can bring this back and even lose a pound or two. I went away for the weekend a couple of weeks ago and made the desicion that I was going to eat what I wanted and I did and on the monday morning I got straight back into it and by WI on the thursday I had still lost 2lb. The worst thing that you can do in this situation is say ok I've had a really bad day so I may aswell have a bad week and start again after WI - this never works and more often than not its really difficult to get back into it.

Alia xxx
Mine doesn't recommend Wetherspoons at all, the syns are amazingly high! Did you know that that their jacket spuds are deep fried and then frozen? That's why they are so crispy and so quick!

But yeah, draw a line under it, eat loads of superfree and free foods, and no less than 5 syns a day. You may be pleasently surprised at your next WI :)


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Mine doesn't recommend Wetherspoons at all, the syns are amazingly high! Did you know that that their jacket spuds are deep fried and then frozen? That's why they are so crispy and so quick!
Someone else told me that this week - shocking!!!!
It's shocking that Wetherspoons food is so high in syns but if they deep fry jacket spuds then it's no wonder! I very rarely go into Wetherspoons and so I'm hoping that I can keep a major slip up like this as a one off. I'm getting my ass back into the gym tomorrow and I've taken your advice and I'm going to eat the superspeed foods, have a couple of syn's a day and keep my fingers crossed. Thank you all for your kind words :) xxx


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Cazie, don't be too hard on yourself, we have all done it at one time or another. You never know you maybe surprised come WI day.

Deep fried jacket spuds?! I am so not eating in Wetherspoons again!


I want to be fitter again
I have just read the first line of your post. You went to a funeral yesterday. That in itself is a big thing to deal with. I really think you have enough on your mind without worrying further about something you ate which you can do nothing about now. It is so important you look after your emotional self as well as your physical well being xx
I know you're right Rosie. I think sometimes I have too much going on in my head and focus on too much and then when one thing goes wrong it maybe upsets/disappoints me more than it should. I'm totally fine about the whole burger thing now thanks to you guys and feeling a lot better in myself. I really mean it when I say thank you for all the advice you all gave me, it really is much appreciated :) xxx
Good luck hun, remember your in it for as long as it takes. If you have a week where you gain or stick (we all do) Just think, right! thats it... grit your teeth and have a really good go at it the following week.
Maybe a bit of exercise this week will help, nice long walks or swimming. May make you feel that you are taking charge again.

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