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Disappointed :(

S: 10st4lb G: 8st9lb

I need a bit of advice and reassurance. I just had my second weigh in - and put ON a pound and a half! I lost 2 pounds my first week and was really pleased, but now I feel I've ruined it all. :cry:

I don't really know where I went so wrong either. I've been a bit more disordered with my eating this week - not always eating brekkie, or not having salad with my lunch baked potato, that kind of thing. But I kept a food diary and counted my syns really carefully so I thought I'd still lose. Or at worst stay the same!

I don't think my consultant really believed me, he said it took two thousand extra calories over the week to put on a pound!

I've been doing green days. Do I need to weigh my pasta portions or something? Is it possible to sometimes put on weight even if you've been quite good? :sign0163:

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I know that some people find they get a bit bloated if they have all green days, which can lead to gains (water weight). I'd be really annoyed with the consultant, it's not their job to practically accuse you of lying!


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Sorry to hear you're a bit disappointed - I gained on my first week at SW so I know how you feel!

You don't need to weigh your pasta, but be sure that you're correctly weighing/measuring your healthy extras - this is very important! Out of interest, are you using your healthy extras, and how many syns did you have last week?

It's quite possible to put weight on when you've been good - it might be the TOTM, constipation, bloating, water retention, the list goes on....

Or maybe red days suit you better? HTH...


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Bloating, water retention, PMT you name it we women get it most months, sounds like a mix of that and high carb giving you water retention.

I cant do green days, as much as I love the food - as I bloat out like a puffer fish, weigh a ton and am up three nights wee'ing LOL

Maybe try some red days and see if that makes a difference?
S: 10st4lb G: 8st9lb
Thanks lovelies.

Paperclip, I think you're right about weighing my healthy extras - I was guessing a 'match box' size of cheese this last week, and I probably don't know the plan well enough to do that yet. I try hard to have all my healthy extras - wholemeal bread is the easiest one, I struggle with the 'meat' one sometimes! I'm mostly vegetarian except when eating with the boyfriend! A couple of times last week I did get to dinner and realise I hadn't had any Bs, then couldn't fit them in! Does it make a big difference if you don't have them all?

I am due my totm tomorrow so maybe I can partly blame that! Didn't think of that before. I've never regularlly weighed myself before so no idea if that normally affects me.

Cherryade, I think I'll definately try some red days this week and see if that helps. I think it might be quite though because I've always been a Carb Queen! What do you normally have for lunch?

Thanks again for your help. I feel a bit better already! You've made me realise I haven't been as good as I perhaps thought, so at leats my gain isn't such a mystery :p I'll just have to be strict with weighing and hexs, and keep my fingers crossed for next week!


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S: 20st12lb C: 18st5.3lb G: 16st0lb BMI: 38 Loss: 2st6.7lb(11.88%)
I can put 5lb on when my totm is due!

Then the next week when its over and Ive wee'd out all the water retention its back to normal!!

For lunch I eat alot of free food like cottage cheese, chicken, cucumber all mixed up in a bowl with a blob of low cal salad cream and its yum! I eat that alot when i am peckish too, always does the job. Often will substitute the chicken for a tin of tuna (in brine or spring water) drained and added. Sometimes all of the above and anything else free i can find in the fridge lol

You can use a HEB and have a sarni. I have alot of 'open' sarni's where I only use one slice of brown nimble and then load it up with laughing cow extra light (A), ham/chicken/prawns and salad.

When Im uber busy I just grab a tin of tuna, drain and stuff it in followed by a banana and then Im done!!

I also eat loads of fruit :)
It is important to weigh the stuff that should be weighed - it's easy to think you can guess, and get it very wrong as a result! I weighed my wholemeal roll this morning ... and had to cut some of it off as it was way to heavy. The dogs got the leftovers so were pleased LOL
S: 10st4lb G: 8st9lb
Hmm, definetely need to be a bit stricter with my weighing again then :D

Thanks for the fab lunch ideas too, Cherryade. I'm going to see how I get on with a red day tomorrow.

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