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Disappointing losses - can someone advise?

Hi all
First post for a long long time. I finally got myself back into gear and back into Slimming World and attending class. I've been really 'in the zone' and once I've got that mindset have been able to shift weight relatively quickly. However, I've only lost 13lbs in 6 weeks. and have had a 3lb gain in that time which was just not understandable. I know it's about being in it for the long term and 2lb a week is good going. However, I'm finding it very difficult to keep momentum. Other larger people in the group (I'm 20st) are losing 3-6lb consistently every week.

I'm following plan to the letter, my snacks are speed food as are the bulk of meals and I have relatively few carbs. I've also cut out a bottle of wine on a nightly basis that I'd got in the habit of habit so would have thought that would have yielded results.

I've also tried adding up the calories, as a double check, to see if any fruit was taking calorific intake up. I'm generally on 1200 during the week and 1500 max on a weekend. I'm drinking water/diet drinks and I do drink a lot.

Any clues/tips/advice gratefully received.
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This is a tough one, you are doing absolutely everything right. Except maybe not eating enough? 1200 to 1500 calories seems very low.
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Hi, I feel for you, I have had similar inexplicable gains too and it is frustrating. All I can suggest is drink plenty and maybe eat a little more, 1200 calories is fairly low. Are you having your syns? Bizarrely enough I find having them does help. Good luck :)


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Hi Jo,

I completely agree with those above re too little calories. I've not followed SW ever, but am currently calorie counting and 1200 is too little for your weight. I have the best results when I eat more. So as others have said, eat your syns!

Check our your BMR with an online calculator, but I reckon you could be eating 1800 calories a day and still lose weight. For example a woman of 35, with a height of 5 ft 5 has a BMR of 2000 calories. So anything a little less than this will definitely see good results. Even just eating BMR calories will result in losses - it will just be slower. SW and calories don't always commute, so I don't want to feel you have to track both, but it just gives you an idea of what you can eat and still lose.

There are lots of free foods on SW like pasta, rice and potatoes that can add calories. When you calculated your calories, did you measure your portions of these things? One of the biggest shocks I had was understanding what is considered a 'normal' portion, especially with things like pasta. So although SW doesn't suggest you need to measure portions, if you are having massive portions without realising you might be eating more calories than you think.

Are you sleeping enough? I find sometimes if I have a few bad nights, my weight does go up.

You mentioned you are eating less carbs - I have been dieting for 6 months, and started with Atkins (switching to CC in December). So I believe in low carb, but maybe try a few more carbs for a couple of weeks and see if that helps. I has excellent results on Atkins, but then also found excellent results when reintroducing carbs, so sometimes your body might prefer to have more balance.

Good luck x x
Thanks for these. I'll certainly look at the BMR. I have checked all portion sizes, that was my sense check for calorific intake given I'm so frustrated. Will give the suggestions a try.
Any other tips very gratefully received.


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Hi, I'm on SW and this time last year did it with some frustrating and slow losses. I'm back on it now and this time the Weight is just falling off (19.5 lb in 6 weeks) so I'm trying to work out what I am doing differently and I've come up with the below:

I find I have better losses when I have some high syns days (even going over the 15 slightly ) and some low syn days (6 to 7) rather than having the same number all thd time. Maybe there is some scientific reason to do with getting the metabolism fired up -who knows.

I'm convinced I have better losses when I eat lots of live yoghurt. Again, maybe there is something scientific in having healthy gut bacteria but I eat on average 2 free yoghurts such as the Activia 0% fat fruit ones, or Yeo Valley Bio light everyday. Give them a whirl.

Finally, Body Magic... do it. Any exercise that is over and above what you were doing before will help. Try a walk, get your bike out, go for a swim. Also anything that build muscle will help you burn calories quicker. Order a kettle bell off eBay and find a kettle bell workout on You Tube and do it in front of the telly during Eastenders or find a Yoga class. Whatever works for you. Just do something.

Hope this gives you some ideas to try😆

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