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Disappointing weigh in this morning


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Stayed the same :( No idea why but this happened in week 9 too.Think this time it's a combination of hot weather and not enough water and not enough sleep and too much stress.However inch wise...I lost 1/2 off my bust,1 off my thigh and a whopping 4 off my hips!!!My jeans are too big for me now!
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Lots of of people are retaining. You've lost so much so quickly already, so it might slow down for a bit. Inches count, you might not feel like it, but inches are the main thing.


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Wow, 4 inches off your hips is amazing!!! At the end of the day, if your clothes are getting too big, who cares what the scales say!!

Well done!!


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I agree - I think we all get a little obsessed with numbers... sometimes a better indication is how we feel... I certainly feel tons better - and my clothes are getting so much bigger too! Which is absolutely great!

Don't be disheartened, the inches are coming off and that is soooo good!

Take care

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Hey well done! Last week I didn't lose lbs but did lose inches. This wk I lost 1.5lbs but put on inches because of water retention and TOTM. It's SO frustrating. I agree that I would rather be losing the inches though as I have been until this week. The lbs will always catch up eventually!


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i have an sts too rose, but hey great on the inch loss!! I dont measure but I feel like i have lost inches, i wouldnt worry about an sts. It is your body adjusting to the previous losses. It will come off eventually.

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Hun, you're doing so so brilliantly. Try not to be disheartned. Your inch loss is fab. Body just adapting to your fab new shape and how great that your jeans are too big .... I'm currently sat in my very new skinny jeans trying to stretch them a bit. Cost a fortune but I love them. Bit hot for jeans but I want to wear them out to dinner tonight in London and need them stretched so I can breath :)

You are an inspiration and always so positive, Just kep doing what you've been doing but up your water.

Big big hugs to one of my favourite mini's xxx


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Im getting weighed at drs tuesday I get weighed every month there but I have a feeling I am going to weigh the same so Im not looking forward to going at all!!


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You have done well, its important to get lots of water and sleep, this really will make a difference, but the inch loss is unbelievable 4" of your hips, ive never had anything like that throughout, with all the heat we have been having its probably a bit of water retention too, bet you have a whoosh next week, chin up youve done so well.

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