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I'm sure it's been asked a million times but ..... are you disapproved of for doing this?

I've had the biggest row with mum this morning, all based round this diet - she is shockingly ignorant and rude about it (for the record I never fall out with my mum) and I really don't know what to do

I've done a total food replacement before, very sucessfully - it was just finances that stopped me continuing - so she knows it works, that it's safe etc ...

Any tips on how to handle, I've suggested 'I'm 37 leave me to my own choices' to no avail
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Try explaining that if you don't lose weight your health is at risk and that it is easier to do TFR where you don't have to think about food at all than be following a conventional diet where food is on your mind all day. She is your mum and the fact that you don't normally argue means that you are probably very close. Ask her to give you support , but be strong and tell her that you will be doing it without her blessing. Ask her to share in your success , take her shopping with you when you are trying on smaller clothes then she can see how happy your weight loss has made you. That will make her happy too.

Take care and be strong , you know this is right for you.

PS Isn't funny how , when you see really overweight people eating really unhealthy food, nobody says anything , but everyone has an opinion about TFR , and isn't afraid to give it to you!


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It sucks when people are constantly telling you that you can change things if your not happy but then disapprove when you do! My mum was the same when i first mentioned that i was considering doing the CD diet. I had done my research and had a very constructed argument to tell why i wanted an dfelt like i needed to do this and that it was safe etc etc. She was totally against. 3 months later she casually informs me she was joining lighter life and start saying everything i had said to her back to me!!! People make assumptions about things they don't really know about and feel it's their duty to force this view upon you. You just need to remember that your doing this for yourself. Support can come from lots of places so focus on the people that are supporting and encouraging and most importantly do this foryourself. It won't be long before she shes how much happier, healthier and more confident you are and then can't possibly argue that this is a negative choice on your behalf. Just stay strong and focussed and vent to us when you need to! Good luck hun! x


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S: 16st7lb C: 15st4lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 33.5 Loss: 1st3lb(7.36%)
thanks both, I'm still reeling from how bad it was

I'm starting tomorrow come hell or high water, and I'll do 12 weeks too, if only just to show her I can ... slight backhanded motivation there

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just explain that it very beneficial to your health. i believe that it was invented by a doc to be used on obese patients in a hospital and grew from there. tell her it's medically sound and you need to inform the doc before you start etc (she doesn't need to know that it's just your CDC that writes to him etc).

tell her what's worse, being overweight, unhealthy and at risk of lots of health problems or on a balanced diet that has been used for many years and is monitored, for a quick healthy weight loss.


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Aww Becky, this must be so difficult to fall out with your mum over something like this. Weight loss is important to you, and right now being slimmer reduces all your risks and all that ...its sad that some people cant see that. I hope you can both make up and she supports you through this.


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I genuinely felt that my diet improved while on SS - I was taking in every nutrient my body needed, all the vitamins and minerals, plenty of water - my skin was great and I felt really well (if a bit cold). The only thing that was taken out was the calorie content and I had enough of that stored on my person to last a fair while. True, you do have to be careful not to over-do the exercise as it can leave you a bit shaky but you are doing this with the knowledge and backing of your GP - unlike many other diets
Good luck!


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Tonight I called over at a friend's , there were people there that I hadn;t met before. She asked me if i wanted some wine, i declined , she then went on to offer other beverages. I just asked for water. I then had to testify why i was being boring! I explained that i was doing Cambridge, only for one person to say that its very dangerous and will kill me. When i asked what she knew about it , she had heard it somewhere. I asked if she knew anything about the plan, she hadn't a clue about it. Normally i would have launched in to a defensive tirade , but instead i just said, 'oh, i'd better stop then' I let it go. I didn't say to her, please can you justify saying that to me when you sit there at least 3 stone overweight , that would have been rude!!!!

I give up, i am not going to enter into any more justification , i doing it - get over it!!

Phew rant over , you can come back now!!


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S: 16st7lb C: 15st4lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 33.5 Loss: 1st3lb(7.36%)
it's not been mentioned again ... and I've made a point of having porridge at breakfast (even cooked all of the 'others' a cooked breakfast on Sunday) and having soup at lunch time over the weekened so that I couldn't be accussed of not eating ... all seems fine again, and hopefully it won't be raised again

I have decided to take her disapproval as a motivational point to loose at least 3 stone 'just to show her'

thanks guys for your comments, it's nice (kinda) to know other have the same issues