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Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by purpleloulou, 19 February 2009 Social URL.

  1. purpleloulou

    purpleloulou Member

    been visiting daily for the last few weeks and so impressed with how well many of you are doing. been on lipotrim for over 7 weeks now and i swear i just find it harder every day. determind to hit my goal but temptation pulls at me everywhere i turn.
    any advice on how to keep my spirits up?
    laura x
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  3. CherryRocks

    CherryRocks I love my purdy shoes

    Heylo lurker lol....think how far you've come and how soon you'll be at your target if you stick to it...take each step day by day once youve done a day you're getting closer and closer xxxx
  4. purpleloulou

    purpleloulou Member

    i just seem to be getting grumpier every day, snapping at the kids(especially about food!) and am totally obsessed with cookbooks and food channels!
  5. CherryRocks

    CherryRocks I love my purdy shoes

    That comes and goes with me, one day i'll be in a bad mood because I want to eat then the next day i'm over the moon because i've lost a few pounds. I suppose you have to think of it like would you be even more grumpier for longer if you were overweight??? Would you get upset more? Stuff like that. Are you sticking to it 100% because I know if i don't i get into a worse mood than i would if I did it properly. Just think of the benefits in the long run,decide what weight you want to get down to and maybe do half on Lipotrim then go on slimming world or ww if its getting to you too much x
  6. Pearly

    Pearly Full Member

    Hi Purpleloulou, sorry you are finding it so hard. Are you drinking the right amount of water each day? I think that is the thing that helps the most.

    Hang on in there, the great weight losses should pull you through.:D:D:D
  7. kered

    kered Gold Member

    Hi. Are you making sure you actually drink your 3 shakes a day?

    Try just to focus one day at a time and not look at the bigger picture and maybe thinking ahead to your goal date, which depending on how much you want to lose could be an obstacle in your way.

    If you have been picking too, that could be a slippery slope which is hard to get off.

    Good luck and I hope you can find your motivation again, because lipotrim when we stick to it totally shouldnt be making us hungry or tempted to pick. I also watch the cookery programmes and I write down all the recipes I like and just change the fatty ingredients to healthier options.
  8. JanD

    JanD maintaining since June'09

    Sorry you're struggling **hugs** ..... one day at a time xx
  9. Liam L

    Liam L Full Member

    my main problem is temptation i dont feel hungry ever now and i dont want to eat anything but if i see something nice i just wanna go over and take a bite but i just have to walk away
  10. kered

    kered Gold Member

    I am one of the addicted sniffers, I have to smell everyones food lol. Seems to stop me wanting it.
  11. purpleloulou

    purpleloulou Member

    i absolutely havent cheated once......not a speck of food has passed my lips since december 29th.
    i probably drink an extra pint a day on top of the required 4 and im doing 40 mins to an hour of exercise every other night.
    i know i sound like a whiney moose and that everyone here is going through the same stuff, but apparantly my will power is draining!
    im well over half way there weight wise but, temptation has nearly got the better of me sooooooooo many times!
  12. ~missy-moo~

    ~missy-moo~ Getting thinner everyday!

    Well I think you are doing brilliantly. You have stuck to LT for 7 weeks and are exercising. Well done you.

    I am now on week 6 and haven't yet felt like I have the energy to exercise so you're doing fab!!!!! No wonder you're tempted by food. I am also but I just tell myself it's not an option and if I ate, I'd feel worse than I would from abstaining.

    I've told myself that I am on this diet until I reach my target and there are no excuses. It's a hard line but it suits me as if I deviated even a little, that'd be it for me, I'd be lost. That's what my nature is and why diets like SW and WW don't work for me.

    All I can say Laura, is that you have done so well. Just keep plodding. Just dig deep and keep going. You'd feel worse for cracking than you ever will by not eating. It usually passes anyway so it's just a matter of getting through that moment, hour or couple of hours or days that feels unsurmountable (but always is surmountable) .You'll feel stronger for getting through it as next time you feel like that you'll have learnt that you CAN get through it. That's what I've found. Each time I successfully ignore the urge to eat, next time I know I can ignore it again as I've ignored it before.

  13. minimay

    minimay Full Member

    Hey hon, im totaly with you with being obsessed about food channels. I am even watching ppl eat... how rude am I!! But keep thinking to yourself, it will all be worth it in the end!
  14. MiniB

    MiniB Here we go again!

    I agree with what everyone else has said and also to agree with you a little. I'm finding I'm not hungry but just miss eating! I think it also gets a little boring now, the enthusiasm has worn off a bit! It is hard but I am determined to stick to this. I'm at the end of week 7 today and haven't cheated once but like you said there is so much temptation out there.

    Stick to it you are doing really well. You will be at your goal in no time if you just stick to this. Good luck!
  15. nexangelus

    nexangelus Carpe diem, baby!

    Temptation will always lure one, even when back on normal food...just think of how good you'll look at goal and also take one day at a time, one hour at a time if it is a tough day...the snapping and the irritability are also common, you're not having any carbs and on most diets the mood swings can be horrendous...try not to obsess about food, though...when it is time to reintroduce it, then you can look at the cookbooks, the recipes, the menus and plan away...for now, just try to stay focussed on your vlcd from day to day...try and keep busy, get out of the house more, so food and snapping don't happen so frequently, perhaps...walks, go out cycling or even for a drive...
  16. purpleloulou

    purpleloulou Member

    its hard to stay away from the food nexangelus when i have three small children to feed three times a day!
    i will forgive you though for your not so helpful advice as you have a metallica picture on your post...........im going to see them on feb 28th, so excited , cant wait!
    laura x
  17. nexangelus

    nexangelus Carpe diem, baby!

    I have two kids and I also did vlcds whilst cooking for them...
  18. nexangelus

    nexangelus Carpe diem, baby!

    P.S. 'tallica RAWK hugely...

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