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Discover plan question

Hey gang,

Altho I'm following CD at the moment, I am still an esource member of WW and went on today to find out about the new plan. It didn't seem like much had changed, but when I went on to have a browse (as I had heard mention of some points values etc changing), I noticed that these new "filling foods" such as pasta have gone down massively in points - so a 225g portion of pasta is now only 3 points!!

Has anyone else noticed this? And can anyone tell me anything else they've seen thats changed too points-wise...

I'm thinking of coming back to WW around Christmas-time probably so it would be good to know what else has changed!

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i didnt realise points had changed for these things.. is it not just 225g cooked weight rather than dried? that seems a ridiculously large amount of dried pasta...
thanks, its just they have these "set" points on there and the points of those items seem to be lower than they were in the past, but it may just be i didnt realise they were already that low! it does seem a lot of pasta for 3 points! xx
lol ok i now realise that "setpoints" hasnt been introduced officially yet, but basically what it is is that it is a tool for eating out - so you can point "chicken" and "potatoes" generally so you dont have to pull points out of thin air for restaurant/takeaway foods... good idea but still likely to be inaccurate!

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