Hiya Claire!!

We are here (well 102 of us anyway!)

hiya claire

i'm here too :) :) :)

Isobel & Mini aren't at the moment so thats probably why things are a bit quiet hee hee

i'm sure everyone will be up and running soon... it took me an hour or so to get my own thread sorted... think its monday morning silliness!!!

how are you getting on??

Gen xx
Hey guys!

I am here too, just trying to familiarise myself with this forum & getting used to it. :D

Hope you are all doing OK! :)

Will chat soon!

Clare x x x :)

I am getting used to this much more now... even got a ticker display thingy on my signature!...oh check me out being all technical! :D

Just ploughing through day 1 of management, so far so good!

Hi everyone,

Im here too. I keep going in the chat room, but theres never anyone in there :(

Feel free to come in, it'll be really good if it catches on a few people use it
I'm here too and don't post elsewhere but the weather keeps drawing me outside :D
Aww thanks Mandy! That's a real compliment coming from someone as foxy as you're looking honey! :D

And it's great to see Clare's photo too!! What a babe! No way am I going to Minx with you darlin! I'd never get a look in! *lol*

I'll get the 'white dress' piccies done at the weekend and put them into my Photobox album .. if they don't look too bad :rolleyes:

Much love all!

Sharon xxx
Hi peeps

I'm here too!! although i'm v depressed cos just had a mega binge on crisps and biscuits!! doh!! I've also just booked into see my gp on Monday morning to discuss my bingeing - it's only started since finishing the diet - grrrrr!

Anyone else been to their GP for this?

Hi everyone,

I'm here too, just returned from Corby having completed my CDC course.

How did you all insert your photos?
Carol, thanks for treating us to Johnny!

Hi Linda & Carol,

Yes thanks, I had a lovely day.
It all seems pretty straight forward at the moment but only time will tell.
Met some lovely people with inspirational stories to tell.

The hotel was a nice treat, especially enjoyed having sole custody of the remote control for the first time in ages!
Downside was it was like an oven, no aircon in the bedrooms so forced to sleep naked and uncovered, felt quite vulnerable!

Managed to drive home in 3 hours and now settling down to watch BB.

Bye for now,

Congrats Boobyjude

Hi Jude - so pleased you had a good training day - can't wait to hear you are ready to roll - I heard on the news there is a huge queue at your door in Formby already!!!!!!