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Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by *angela*, 26 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. *angela*

    *angela* Silver Member

    I wanted to post to get it off my chest coz i think facing up to reality helps in giving the kick up the bum i need...

    Didnt go to wi last week as ive had a very rough time recently due to family stuff so the last 2 weeks i have literally ate all around me with takeaways, chocolate etc and basically just been feeling sorry for myself and pigging out. Went to wi last night coz wanted to face up to what ive been doing and reality smacked me in the face with a 10lb gain... actually so ashamed to be even typing that!!! Taking it as a very hard lesson learnt and actually have felt rotten and sluggish so quite excited about being back on plan and blitzing this damage asap!!!!
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  3. jennjenn84

    jennjenn84 Full Member

    Firstly well done for going to weigh in and facing up to it, a very positive step. Looking at your stats you are doing so well and have already come so far.

    Now you can draw a line under it and get right back in plan. Perhaps right down somewhere how this has made you feel, so you can refer back to it when your struggling.

    Best of luck with the rest of your journey, your closer to target now than your starting weight :)
  4. lemonandlime1

    lemonandlime1 Full Member

    You did a really brave thing facing, many would just have let it spiral out of control! Just get straight back to it as you are doing and take what lessons you need from it and then forget it. You should have a good next weigh in and it won't be long until you are back to where you were. Congratulations on such a massive weight loss already, really impressive
  5. Voluptuous

    Voluptuous Full Member

    I am forever doing this. I've been going to SW since about September and have got absolutely nowhere. I've had two massive gains due to missing weigh in.
    Ive had a clean start now, as I'm still where I was in sept, new book, rejoined and my head is in the right place now. My motto is DO NOT MISS WEIGHT IN, NO MATTER WHAT! Lol.

    You'll get get it off and know not to make the same mistake again. Be kind to yourself. Xx
  6. Alycyn1980

    Alycyn1980 Addicted to Minimins!!!

    Agree with all the above. I took a break & put on 3st - all of what I have managed 2 lose previously. Now trying my hardest 2 fix it tho only lost 5lbs since jan. Hope head in right space now!!

    Good luck x
  7. orla126

    orla126 Full Member

    the most important thing is that you are doing something about it. x
  8. Berryred

    Berryred Gold Member

    Yes I agree well done!
  9. Hippopotamum

    Hippopotamum Silver Member

    Don't be ashamed that you've gained, just be proud you went back, stay positive! :)

    You're doing really well, and you've obviously worked hard so far, maybe you just needed a little blow out to get you properly back on track, and that 10lb will be back off before you know it. Good luck with next week's weigh-in. xxxx
  10. babyweight2014

    babyweight2014 Full Member

    If it only took you 2 weeks to put it on hopefully if wont take too long to get it off. The best thing u did for yourself was to go back. Last time I was in sw I fell off the wagon like that and couldn't face going back but u dont want to look bank in 6 months and say what if. Look forward and hopefully in 6 months that 10lbs be a distant memory ;)
  11. Vavaness

    Vavaness Gold Member

    Fair play to you for going to WI last night. It's hard to do that after you know you have gone off the rails so really well done.
    Over the years I've done it myself SO many times and chickened out of going to my next due WI. If I had gone all those times I should have I probably wouldn't have the weight I have right now.
    Had a recent blip lately and was saying, 'feck it, I'll go next week' but in the end I DID go. Sure, I had gained but it was the best wake up call for me and I had it off (and more) at next WI.
    So - really, good for you! You'll have it off in no time at all x Good luck! :)
  12. Princess_Ruthy

    Princess_Ruthy Silver Member

    Sometimes its the kick that you need. It doesnt feel good or pretty but its done and now you feel more determined than ever. Dont be ashamed, its something you can change :)
  13. RubyMoss

    RubyMoss Silver Member

    Angela, you've done more than I ever did - if I gained weight, I would panic and tell myself that I couldn't face going back... and so would end my run of attending classes. You went back, and that's the best thing you could have ever done.

    Sometimes, as horrible as it might feel at the time, we need the reality shock to get our motivation and dedication to the healthier lifestyle back. In fact, this is what resulted in me signing up to Slimming World USA this week - my sister was visiting me in Kansas from the UK for two weeks, and by the middle of the second week, I was 12lb heavier than when she first got here! I nearly dropped dead from the shock! As long as we do something about it, I guess it's important to move on from it and be positive.

    As my Dad always says - Don't worry about those things you can't change - you'll make yourself ill and the outcome will still be the same so it just ins't worth it!

  14. Kimboowee

    Kimboowee Silver Member

    Draw a line, and step over it :)
  15. *angela*

    *angela* Silver Member

    Thanks for all the wonderful support, love this site for that reason alone :)

    Havent had chance to log on all week with one thing+another but really tried hard with the plan to try+blitz some of the 10lb but it all paid off+last night I went to wi+lost 6.5lb :D was over the moon+to make it even better I was given the greatest loser 2014 award for my class despite last week.

    Feel so much happier+healthier this week with much more energy so a reminder how I can never go back to that old lifestyle of bingeing when things get tough :)
  16. lemonandlime1

    lemonandlime1 Full Member

    That is brilliant news, well done on the fantastic loss
  17. *angela*

    *angela* Silver Member

    Thank u :)
  18. juliebags

    juliebags Silver Member

    Reading these stories of other peoples struggles and how they have regained their motivation is really inspirational, and gives me hope too x
  19. MaryMZ

    MaryMZ Full Member

    I nearly didn't go to my weigh in as I thought I might even have put on. It was my first week back after quite a long time trying other diets. And I didn't have a first good week but I had paid in advance so I went. And I'd lost a pound and a half which I was very pleased with considering. Making an extra special effort for next week.
  20. Alycyn1980

    Alycyn1980 Addicted to Minimins!!!

    That's amazing, well done x

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  21. *angela*

    *angela* Silver Member

    Thanks v much :)

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