disheartened- advice please!!


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i started cambridge on the 5th, my first official weigh in was 6 days later which showed a 5lb weight loss. i know this is ok but heres the prob:

my mom and sis are also on the diet- they have WAY less weight to lose, and bmi's are VERY close to 25. I've been stickin to the diet religiously and not cheated once. Both my mom and sister have cheated havin sugary and milky tea and toast, but have both had more loss than me, in the same time. I am pleased for them but am thinking, what am i doing wrong?? shouldnt i lose more weight considering im bigger? :confused:
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If you stick to the diet there is no way the weight will not fall off. You are an individual so do not compare yourself to your mum or sister. They may lose more than you this week but if they continue cheating it will catch up with them. Be true to yourself and be happy. 5lbs in a week is a good loss by any standards, who knows you may lose more than that next week x

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God life can be so unfair sometimes can't it :(, make sure you are drinking enough water and sticking to the plan and I promise you will see the results! Remember, if they have been cheating it will catch up with them eventually, (I know :rolleyes:) so be proud of what have a achieved and keep going it will be worth it!


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Stick with it 100% and all will come good


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That happened to me too :( my friend consistantly had a 'treat' everynight and always lost more than me :(
Try not to get disheartened, as i did and fell off the wagon, and belive me, its hard to get your head back to where it should be once you deviate from the plan :sigh::sigh:

Your doing this for you, try to take there losses with a pinch of salt, concerntrate on yourself, and what your doing.;);)

5lb is good in anyones book, dont be negative about it, fab loss ;);) Well done


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well done on your 5lb loss:D

your the same start weight I was, I lost 8lb in my first week and seeing some of the losses on here I am a bit:( but!!!! I was so good over xmas and didn't eat many carbs over it and stuff so maybe if I had been stuffing my face (lol) before I started it may of been more

did that make any sence!! Anyway as said, stick to it and you will see and feel the difference! I can;t see the point of spending the money to cheat with toast and things??? I have had some white meat, but I am on ss+


S: 14st10lb G: 9st0lb
Thank you everyone, it really has made me feel better, i'll concentrate on myself from now on x

berryred that did make sense lol


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well done on the 5lbs, as everyone has said just keep going. they wont be able to go on having sugar and toast for long it will catch up with them.

you just stick with it and im sure the weight will be falling of you :) xx


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Hey Mumpy, chin up, they might have a bit of a shock next week:D and you'll have a good loss. Whilst they are deviating from plan, it may not be long before they decide it isn't for them, but if you are sticking with it 100% you'll do well as you are already resisting temptation.


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Mumpy I lost 7lbs in my first week. Although it's not as good as some of the weight losses on here, it's still half a stone. The way I look at it is I might lose more next week instead and if I don't I'm going to have a Mars Bar ha ha. Only joking, I will keep perservering (think that's how you spell that) because it all adds up


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Oh forgot to say I've put that hideous fat photo as my profile picture to remind me how big I actually am and to keep me focused :)


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I think for some of us it just takes a while longer. My sister would always loose weight easier than me but put it back on quickly. Now I am losing weight much slower but I am confident that I will keep it of. I think it's important to exercise as well, it will make you feel better, r u doing any exercise?? You r doing great, you should be really pleased with ur weightloss babe.


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well done on the 5lbs off brilliant start people are different and in the long run if they are not doing the diet 100% they are more than likely gonna stop doing it x


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At the end of the day, you are doing this for you - no-one else. Focus on what you have achieved and where you are going. By all means be pleased for the others, but on no account let what they do affect what you do. The best way to get through this diet is to put #1 first, and be selfish. Work out what is best for you in a given situation, and do what is best for you. When I was losing my weight initially I did just that. Admittedly, I slightly upset a few people, but I was so focussed that not even that bothered me. I apologised when I got to target, but they said that they understood why I did what I did - good friends always do.

Also, look at it this way. You are doing the diet properly. You are sticcking to it 100%. The facts are that whilst you do that you WILL succeed. On the reverse side, the others are cheating (only themselves at the end of the day), and they may be getting away with it at the moment, but the time WILL come when it will all come back and bite them on the ar$e. Because they are "getting away" with it at the moment they will fall into complacency and will think they can always get away with it. The facts are that they can't. And when they start failing, they will find it hard, because they have continued to cheat.

Add to the above that when you get to the end, you will have learned control and restraint, and will have built the willpower to control and restict yourself. They will not. You will have a much greater chance of maintaining your loss in the end.

Who will be laughing then??