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If your eating to few calories your body does go into starvation mode and weightless can stop!

You should be eating a min of 1200!!

Could it be totm?!

Everyone is different and no matter how we complete our journey which road we take how long we take as long as we finish that's the idea!! Xxx
Sorry, what is totm? I'm new to all this lingo!

I'm really struggling with the calories and fat content. I've used my fitness coach thingy today and I've managed to eat 900cals and 6g fat today.


Not such a fat kat now :)
Probably . Eberyones different but I put on between 2 and 3 lbs

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You need to choose a single day of the week and use that day as your wi day else your drive yourself potty with all the fluctuation!!

Honestly been there done that!! Xx
I must say I'm awful I weigh almost every morning.. I know it took 2 days for the Chinese I ate to go through me.. Tango'ed wee bit.. And then was back to normal sts I know on the days I am good the next morning I see a loss.. 100g most days, And after Zumba I seem to stay the same.. And then drop.. Lol I even plot it in a chart and can see the days I was bad.. So for most part an loosing 500-600g (1-1.3lbs) a week.. Steady.. A bit OCD lol


Not such a fat kat now :)
That's OCD ! :) I don't think I've got the time to be so anal. I think I'd drive myself mad worrying about the differences

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It really helps! And you don't get the massive downers when you fluctuate!! I promise ;) xx


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900cal and 6g of fat? Good grief your body will be happily slipping into starvation mode. Up the daily calories to 1200-1500 depending on your needs and up the fat to 30-40g a day or your body will cling to that fat and start eatibg your muscles, which you want to keep!
Truth is, I'm really struggling with the calories, it seems things higher in calories are high in fat.

Also, I have been sticking to just 3 meals a day, but if I don't have the full 15g fat which I haven't, can I snack on low fat foods throughout the day?


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Yeah you should eat three low fat meals and two to three low fat snacks, try not to have morebthan 50isg grams of fat per day.

Dont work yourself up over exact cal and fat meaduring. Jusy roughly keep it to plan. Up to 15g per meal means just that. It doesnt mean only have 2g or 5g. Your body needs fats to function properly.

If you eat plenty of veg and fruit and stick to complex carbs lije wholemeal rice pasta bread you wont need to worry too much about high fat. Chicken turkey eggs tofu low fat bacon and sausages bread pasta rice veg fruit soup noodles cereal potatoes . Just a small list of food thats fine to eat you shouldnt be struggling to find meals that can be low in fat? Make a good diary and plan ahead itll keep you from being caught short.
Thank you so much for your advise, sounds like you really know your stuff. I think I've done better today...

Breakfast: 3 slices wholemeal toast, low fat spread and marmite. 6g fat.

Lunch: grilled chicken wrap from macdonalds. 8g fat, can't remember calories in it!

Dinner: homemade sweet and sour chicken and rice. Approx 7g fat - didn't work out calories

Snacks: apple and raspberries. I live on tea, so loads of cups with skimmed milk and sweetners.

After writing that down, it still doesn't seem enough!? I thought is done better today?
Well done on today, I have had the grilled chicken wrap at mcds with no Mayo was 250cals 8g fat very nice :)

Have you had a look at the web site for myfitnesspal or if you have an iPhone is a free app.

I find it really helps I use it as a food diary/ planner, works everything out for you :) put in your weight/ height, amount to loose, how much per week and it will work out the cals you need to do that.


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Yeah that looks much better. Try to include more quality protein in your diet though. It will help increase fat loss and reduce muscle wastage. Try to include protein with each meal - for example, for breakfast you could drop the low fat spread and one of the slices of toast...and have two poached eggs on toast instead. Snacks of fruit are good, but having something like a few brazil nuts which are high in protein and good healthy fats are ideal as they will stave off hunger pangs. Fat free yogurt is good to have too, as dessert or a snack. Go for muller lights if you like flavours, or fat free natural yogurt. I like both, but mix them together lol. Low fat, high protein :)
More protein - right, got to do my weekly shop tomorrow, so will stock up on some nuts!

Maccy ds wraps are lovely aren't they Misbehave!

My planner for tomorrow:

B: 1 dippy egg with 2 slices wholemeal toast and low fat spread

L: wholemeal ham sandwich and piece of fruit OR veg soup and 2 slices w/m bread

D: baked potato and baked beans

S: fruit, nuts, low fat yogurt....and of course loadsa tea!

Thank you for all your help x

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