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Dislocated Knees & Getting back to Exercise!


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Hello (2nd post in one day, ban me please!!!)

A couple of years ago I dislocated my knee, and did some damage to my tissue / nerves in my left foot. Whilst I can walk, I can't bend very well anymore with that leg, and the leg doesn't feel particularly strong.

As far as physio is concerened, I stopped having it as it wasn't really strengthening my leg due to the nerve damage.

What exercises can I do? I used to love running, but have ruled that out because I'm terrified of my leg dislocating (anything involving impact or twisting/rotating scares the life out of me now). Swimming is obviously fine, and maybe even stationary biking. Cross-training made my leg feel REALLY weak though when I tried it :( Anybody else with experiences of this injury who's gotten back into exercise, with pearls of wisdom to share?

Hoping to get some physio again soon once I get an MRI to determine whether the numbness is due to nerve damage, or tissue damage (or both), but am wondering what I can do until then, as it's quite a long wait list!

(also posted in the WW forums)
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Have you tried asking your doctor what he/she recommends?

when you say your leg felt "weak" what do you mean? It may be a possibility that you did too much in that session. The idea is to build everything up gradually to build your stregnth up :)
Hi, just thought I would post about my knee.
I have dislocated my kneecap 4 times over the last few years, :sigh:, and when it went last time I went to the hospital, had a mri the next day and they found I had tore the MPFL. So had an operation 10 weeks ago to repair this ligament and hopefully stop it dislocating it again. (Bear in mind this ligament is generally damaged when you do pop your knee, as it is what holds it in place so obviously tears when the kneecap goes the other way lol) I am quite a few weeks ahead of the post-op though which is good.
So, just started going to the gym three days ago. Managed tonight 16mins on the bike, 5 mins rowing machine (limited movement though), and 16 mins on the treadmill walking. I have arthritis in my ankle and have had it fused (permanently stiffened) which is an extra restriction for me.
If you have any other questions, dont hesitate to ask.
Take care. :)

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