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Dissapointed ...

This must be so disheartening.

I did this diet before, and in the first three days I lost a pound but then suddenly five seemed to melt off, I don't know why but it did.

One thing I can say is if you stick to it you WILL lose weight (((hugs)))
Thanks guys, il be devasted if its not alot after 9 days though, ill just keep at it, hopefully it will pick up in a couple of days
You will definately lose hun, try not to weigh yourself then you will be so surprised when you go to your official weigh in xxx


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Agree with determinator - make sure you are drinking enough water and also are you eating all your shakes - I know it sound silly but if you aren't then the losses will be slower.

The first weeks weight loss is mainly water and glycogen stores so if you weren't a heavy carb eater then your natural supply of these might be lower anyway. Were you dieting before CD? Had you done any preparation for it? Again if you have prepared by reducing carbs then your initial losses might be lower.

Three have been some fantastic first week losses on here recently but when i started at the end of September most of the people who started when i did were losing between 3-7lbs in their first week.

There is a brilliant sticky at the top here about what the scales say. I'll put a link in - http://www.minimins.com/cambridge-diet-forum/61295-measuring-success-scales.html-but the gist of it is, don't focus on what the scales say - focus on being 100%. The 100% YOU can control - what a mechanical object says you can't, and if you have been 100% and loss little does it take away from your 100% - no and vice versa - if you lose a load does it mean you have been 150% - no. Its really helped me.

Finally stick with it - if you stick 100% to the diet - shakes and water then there is no way it cannot/will not work. Weightloss isn't linear - it won't come off on a steady amount each week - some weeks will be good and others not - but it will come off.

Looking forward to hearing how you got on


Will Be Yummy Again ;)
I agree, im addicted to weighing myself every morning and when u dont see the loss ur looking for u feel very demotivated.

Dont give up, stay 100% you'll be surprised on wi day :-D

Good luck chic

I'm a serial weigher, I weigh myself in the morning with no clothes on, after I've got dressed and at night when I come in from work. I know its not healthy but there you have it I suppose so I understand how you feel when you think you aren't losing any weight. The others who have posted are right though, try not to step on them now until you weigh, honestly this is the best diet you will ever do, stick with it hun it will come off.

the weight will come off hun , just make your your drinking enough water, your in for a big surprise come friday good luck:D

flab fighter

The fat is melting away!
Wait until you weigh on th CDC scales it may show on there.

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