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Hi everyone!

Feelin abit deflated 2day as ive been for my 1st weigh in this mornin and ive lost 5lbs..... Was hopin for a better loss if im honest but hey i guess i'll get over it..

I really dont know what more i could have done thru the week to help with loss as ive drunk so much water im startin to feel like a fish!! LOL!!
But just thought id let u all know my 1st weigh in results..

Hope ur all well and keep up the good work xx
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5lbs is still really good. dont get disheartened. be proud of yourself :)
I think 5 pounds is really good.
If you lose another 5 next week and then another the week after..
then you've lost over a stone in 3 weeks. Fantastic!
hey, don't worry, i lost 5lbs in my first week too and i've had consistent good losses in the following weeks. everyone is different but as long as it's coming off then its good news!! keep up the good work :)
Don't give up, chick. Bet you have a HUGE amount next week. Well done for sticking to it, it will get easier the longer you are on it.


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5lb is really good.

It may indicate that you could have a similar loss next week rather than some people might lose say 8lb then 2lb.

You have to look at the big picture too, not just one week's weigh in.


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Well done Babybear!
Hang in there.....I had a good loss my first week and wanted to lose the same amount in my second week and felt so deflated! I moaned on here as well :) But my third week was a fairly good weight loss......like the others have said....well done and try and look at the big picture. Some people have a big weight lose the first week then stick around 2-3 a week after.
Just keep positive until next week.
But, very well done on getting through Wk1....give yourself a big pat on the back.
See ya next week.


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Are you TOTM? That can make you retain fluid and a few pounds extra.
However 5lbs is still a fabulous start...keep your chin up, its five pound gone for ever. Go grab a couple of bags of sugar...you will see how heavy 5lbs is then. x x
That is really good! U should be pleased that u got through the first week as we all no it is hard! Just think that 5lb is nearly half a stone and it would have taken u around 2-3 weeks on most other diets. Best of luck for the folowing weeks x x
Well done babybear 5lbs is fantastic, you might not be retaining much water, so that might affect the first weigh in. Your doing fab!:D:D:D:D


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Congrats on the 5lbs! That's really good.

Just pick up a 5lb bag of spuds, imagine carrying that around with you all day!! That'll really spur you on. Good luck for week 2!

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