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Dissappointed with councelor

Hi every liters.... Today for the first time I wished I was fatter than I am..,
I went for my information session and was made to feel as tho I shouldn't be Here cos I don have 4 stone at least to loose!!

My BMI is 29.4 so not far off what I would need for total!!

She gives her time to those on the total and obviously feels that those of us on the lite dont need any help!!

Does any one no why the lite group sessions are 1 hr and the total is 1.5 hrs??

I'm dying to get going on it but she won't let me start until 26 April...

I used to be a weight watchers leader ... Left my meetings because I got fat and didn't feel able to stand there and sell a programme I so clearly wasn't following!! All down to a new life/man.. 2stone Iv gained in Less than 1 year ..

I then tried slimming world and i havnt lost a thing...
I go to cuba on 25 may and so desperate to of lost a stone... Wen I start the plan it only gives me 4 weeks!!

So sorry for going on... I really hope this works and I loose some weight cos for a full year all iv done is gain xxxxxx
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Hi Angie0476,
My understanding is that the LLL runs in 4 week or monthly blocks. I was very fortunate as I got to speak to my counselor literally two days before the block started which was on Tuesday 5 April -there will be no more intakes into our group until the first Tuesday in May now. It may be that your counsellor starts a new block on the last Tues of the month. I sympathise with your frustration in that I know if I was told I had to wait 2-3 weeks to start I would've been very annoyed. Its that instant gratification thing... "I want to do something about it and I want to do it NOW!!" lol
Cant comment on the rest as never done LLT. In the meantime, kkep applying what you know already and set yourself a firm foundation for when you do start LLL. Good luck :)
Hi BT9Chic,.. Thank you so much for replying.. Reading my post back I sound selfish and horrid !! I'm so sorry?

So how you finding it and what have your weight losses been?? Xx

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S: 12st0lb C: 12st0lb G: 10st8lb BMI: 35.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Defo not selfish or horrid... just a bit frustrated which as I say, can be fully understood albeit a bit crooked thinking lol.
This is the second time i've been on LLL. Wasnt ready the last time (2 years ago) and didnt want to put much effort into changing my attitude or behaviour. Things changed now, or so i thought...
I'm on my second week now. Good loss of 4.5lbs after completing week 1 and had been doing well but had a blip this evening. Back on track tomorrow. I'm a sugar fiend and what i've found is that after 2-3 days sugar cravings are gone. Boredom bit of a killer tho.
Not long until you get started on LLL and nothing to stop you from putting the groundwork in before hand. Keep me posted and let me know how you get on :) x


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You may be able to negotiate a way to start the packs, before you join a group.

We had a lady join our group who had to wait a couple of weeks for the module to finish, but had already started Lite with LLC monitoring outside the group.

You could explain to LLC you want to get going if you are prepared to start without a group to join for the sessions.

My Lite sessions are 1.5hrs, but it take 45mins or more to weigh us all and do packs.

In the meantime you could cut your carbs to make going into ketosis easier.

Good luck xx
BT9chic... Wow that's really good!! Iv been doing some home work on the food you can eat!

Have you told people what your doing? I'm not only my partner! I don't want any more failures on diets I just want to see some action !
What sort of food do you cook!

It's the not having carbs that I'll miss so much!

Hope your second weigh in is good for you ! Thanks for replying

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Hi hannah I asked my llc if I could and she wouldn't let me! She was very very scatty!

I want to wait to start cutting down for when I start the plan!! I'm nervous at not having the carbs and also like BT9Chic said "Bordom"

How are you finding it?

Were going away this weekend and Easter so maybe it's a good thing I have to wait.

How long have you been doing LLL ?

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S: 12st0lb C: 12st0lb G: 10st8lb BMI: 35.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hi Angie0476, once you are into LLL a few days your desire and cravings simply go away. Hard to beleive I know but it does. The restriction on carbs (approx 50gms daily) combined with the protein ratio regulates your insulin level and it seems also to put you into borderline ketosis which helps with fat burning. Need to drink plenty 3+litres of water (not artificially sweetened though, plain or LLL flavouring which also contains added fibre and helps you feel full). I admit to eating a bit more protein than allowed but I am trying to maintain muscle and still doing some exercise.
The Low Calories and reduced carb intake and increased protein intake prob goes against what you've done with weight watchers but it works. :) x
Oh yeh its def dif to W.W. I think it will work for me for a few reasons !! I no I need to watch my portion sizes as this sorts the size of my belly out!! And also I loose weight controlling my portions!! The other thing is carbs !!! I go mad with mash pot and cerial crisps ect.. Oh and bread!
The way I'm eating at the min I'll have put so much weight on that I'll end up on the total plan ?.

Please please keep me informed on how your doing!! And thank you so much for replying xxx

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