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distraction ideas, what do you do?

Hey there
Was just wondering what people do if they feel temptation striking, I'm sorry if this post has been done before but could not find it so any ideas would be appreciated ones that I have come up with so far are

Go for a walk / gym
Bath, facial, painting nails
Coming on here

Many thanks! :)
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Hi Hannah1505,
I was just thinking the same thing!
I have a "spokes" map somewhere which has all the local cycle routes on it so I am going to spend some time planning out some exercise which will cover all of the routes over time and on the same thread I am going to walk the canal paths these are inspirational as there are so many people exercising you can't not feel inspired. (used to feel guilty lol) Knitting is my big thing and I have started the most beautiful cardigan which has a complicated pattern for me so that will keep me concentrating. I hope this helps good luck x
i do anything that keeps my hands and brain occupied; it can be knitting, sewing, making cards or other craft things, doing jigsaws. We take the dog around our local lake for walks and are going to get the local maps and find a few more walks we can do with her. Giving myself a pamper session, facial and pedicure. Tidying drawers and wardrobes out, trying on the clothes that were too small as they usually will only fit you for a few weeks as the weight comes off so fast.
I also used to spend lots of time on minimims when I did CD, so plan to spend lots of time on here again.


Violet is shrinking
I do cleaning and housework, make lists and get things organised. I read and write, come on Mini's walk around the house..if things get hard, I do have to talk myself out of things, which can be a struggle.. I use the Beck book too, that helps :)


Violet is shrinking
When i need distracting i like doing hair/make up/nails, also internet surfing for new health and fitness tips and celebrity diets and stuff, and watching tv shows that have skinny pretty girls in because it's good inspiration! i think i will be coming on here most evenings as it is so motivating to read about how well everyone's doing, it will stop me in my tracks if i am having a bad day and about to fall off the wagon! :) x
Just ordered the book reading will deffo bring me out of hungriness lol
I go online and look at all the fab clothes I can soon start wearing, it keeps me motivated and inspired and helps me to see the 'new me' forming :D I also read a lot as that passes the hours lol


Violet is shrinking
The clothes works the other way around for me....I never look at clothes when I'm out, haven't for ages...don't remember the last time I bought something new..It just reminds me of the I can't wear right now :(
I can understand that as it can be a bit depressing seeing beautiful clothes we can't get into - but I keep in mind that it won't be long and I can wear what I like - all I need to do is keep strong ;)
I think I've got the opposite problem to most people on here at the moment; I've got an exam next week that I am failing to do any work for as I keep distracting myself from the books by focusing on the diet.

On the plus side, I'm having no problem sticking to the diet. On the downside, I'm almost certainly going to be retaking this exam!

Ah well...
Paragee I am in the same situation - last time I had exams I gained and never managed to lose it since :( this time round I'm resolved not to do that and to keep losing weight, so probably means I won't be focused for studying. Ah well I think we've made the right call :D
I just keep thinking of all the lovely 12s and 14s I was wearing before my regain. I cannot wait to fit back into them again! Rather than let them make me feel sad, I make them a happy, joyful target. Every day that I stick to plan brings me closer to where I was for so many years. 17lb of my regain gone now. 140 pounds lost over the years - and that loss maintained until my father passed away. Around 26 pounds of regain still to lose. The secret is to stop the regaining before you are even half-way back to where you first started. That way you will avoid the 'gain it all back plus one stone' that we all know so well.

Long, longterm maintenance really is possible. Let's deal with the extra weight, NOW!
Hi Girls...I make jewelry...sometimes in bed..lol....my other half complains that he gets beads up his ass...wildly exciting huh???? I have had a good week...but my tummy gurgles so much at nite it wakes me up....

I buy loads of magazines, paint my nails and am gonna start decorating the house soon, so that'll keep me distracted for a few months!

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