Distractions from hunger?

Discussion in 'Challenges - Weight Loss & Otherwise!' started by lass321, 14 February 2013 Social URL.

  1. lass321

    lass321 Gold Member

    What do you do to stop yourself thinking about food? I read, play on the computer and come on this site. I NEVER use housework as a distraction unfortunately.
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  3. lass321

    lass321 Gold Member

    Has nobody any new ideas?
  4. becimarie

    becimarie Full Member

    I find I don't need to be distracted from food because I'm on SW and you can eat lots of food in unlimited quantities. So if I'm hungry, I snack on fruit or low fat yogurt.

    However, I also work 40-48 hours per week so often don't have time to worry about being hungry anyway!
  5. JellyMonster

    JellyMonster New Member

    Apparantly taking up knitting (or crochet) is very fashionable for slimmers who need a distraction from hunger. Maybe Maybe whilst listening to motivational slimming cd's on your ipod? Its very hard though to stop yourself whilst in the act of self-sabotage! Its amazing how my mind convinces me that I can start again tomorrow, trouble is tomorrow never comes!
  6. chezz

    chezz walk walk walk

    i find reading helps me and coming on to the forum that helps to
  7. RainbowRose

    RainbowRose Gold Member

    Hi fellow Scot! :)

    Distraction?..where do I start! ;)....personally, I do or have done the following....

    Having a bubble bath/pampering session
    Watching diet programmes
    Reading diet magazines
    Logging on here :)
    The dreaded housework
    Clear out wardrobes/drawers
    Go out walking
    Phone a friend
    Home decorating
    Exercise bike
    Drink iced water
    Clean my teeth
    Sort out and bag up large clothes for charity..(if you haven't got them, you won't be tempted to keep wearing them!)
    Make a list of why you want to lose the weight and read it when hunger pangs strike
    Window or online shopping for those outfits you want to wear eventually
    An early night! ;)

    If the pangs are unbearable, nibble some fruit, or a low cal bowl of cereal, glasses of water, then get busy with something on the above list! ;) ha ha

    Good luck x
  8. lass321

    lass321 Gold Member

    Nice long list there! I have to admit I have changed the habit of a lifetime and started doing a wee bit of clearing out. I also am addicted to weight loss TV programmes.
  9. missRV

    missRV Full Member

    Drink water.... if I'm still hungry,I'll take a hint that I need to eat :)
  10. lisa_swims

    lisa_swims Member

    Cross stitch!

    lovequiltsuk (UK)
    lovequilts (USA)
    quilts4kids (AUS)
    WorldOfCharityStitching (USA)

    All need squares and you might be tempted less because you have to wash your hands again.
    I knit too but lately have been cross stitching more.

    I agree with an early night too! It's hard to say no to people just to get to bed early but I'm getting better at it. :)
  11. lass321

    lass321 Gold Member

    ooo I like that idea!
  12. MissMiff

    MissMiff Loving & Losing

    Before I started the hypnotic gastric band I never really knew what hunger felt like.. But on this new way of eating (refusing to call it the 'd' word)..lol..I find that I am full from the moment I have my 1 slice of toast in the morning, until about 5pm, when it is normally time for me to cook an evening meal... But I do take my pugs for walks whenever I feel the urge to snack, but its purely eating from bordem, rather than hunger.. x
  13. VicLouGray

    VicLouGray Full Member

    I paint my nails - you can't eat while they are drying or they will smuge which my pet hate. By the time you've done a couple of coats in front of the tv or with music in the background the craving has dulled somewhat.
  14. Cherry-Blossom

    Cherry-Blossom I CAN do this

    If I have a craving I imagine it's actually a craving gremlin jumping up and down in my head shouting like a spoilt toddler who isn't getting his way. That way I can laugh at him and ignore him. If it's hunger pangs I try and drink water as I'm usually thirsty not hungry. And if it's emotional I just try and get out the house. Like today I was feeling really stressed so decided to go for a drive and sort some stuff out for the weekend (didn't actually work out but that's life).
  15. lass321

    lass321 Gold Member

    I like the craving gremlin :)
  16. Cherry-Blossom

    Cherry-Blossom I CAN do this

    Thank's. I got the idea off someone else on the S&S section who said they have a gremlin picture in their purse and on their fridge as he was the food gremlin. I adapted it for myself and hence the craving gremlin was born.

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