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Divalicious is on lipo trim

Divalicious is on lipo trim Hi guys.... this is day 2 of my Lipo trim. So far so good:p. I am embarassingly 22.3 stone, 5`9"and am 30. My bmi is 46 and had to honest about it with my partner. He says i don`t look it and i must say for a long time i buried my head in the sand about it. My knee hurts, a few years ago i had keyhole surgery to clean it:eek:. It helped for a while but now am in excruciating pain. I feel quite heavy if you know what i mean. I can`t say it`s because of my clothes coz thank goodness for the beautiful clothes so at size 22/24 i look good, control pants are a godsend lol. It`s just that am at a point where i need to do it for my health and enjoy going to the park more as well as the beach. I feel so embarassed when I sweat after walking to the mother and baby groups. I have 2 kids, baby 10 months and an 8 year old boy. So imagine me cooking pasta last night for OH and the kids:sigh:. I braved it.... yipee. I would like to lose 10 stone be around 12 stone thus a bmi of 25.

I know some of you have done it:jelous:. I need the will power so i a have dug out old pictures of me when i was size 14ish.

Need loads and loads of willpower coz i aint gonna be fat no more. I was peeing like a pregnant woman yesterday, at least endless trips to the upstairs loo will count towards the exercise.

Am looking forward to ketosis hehehe.

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Welcome to the forum Divalicious, and good luck with your journey..

This forum is great for when the going gets a bit tough, so log on as often as you can, and ask about anything you are unsure of x x


Fighting for My Health
Good luck Divalicious :)

good luck, u can definitely do this, there will be hard days but keep on track, the results are amazing.
Thank you all. Looking forward to the pounds falling off.
Day 3

So far so good. Was hungry last night but managed to distract myself and eventually did not feel it. I had a headache and must say ibuprofen did help.

Today i have heard more energy than past 2 days and haven`t really felt hungry. Wandering if it`s ketosis;).... had my breakfast shake at 11:30, quite late for me since breaky is at 9ish. Then chocolate shake with ice....yummy. Have been peeing like a pregnant woman and the endless trips to the upstairs loo are a work out lol. Am feeling good, trying to be positive planning what i`ll cook for tea. OH can cook but i think the kiddies like my cooking better:rolleyes:. I also think if i cook and have my soup with them then i will re-evaluated my relationship with food. I hope the rest of the day will be managable. Just picturing my slim figure.........

Good day all!

Day 4

Today has been fairly good. Was quite worried that being a Saturday i would struggle to cope but i did not. Decided not to take the kids out did not want any temptations:( whilst out. So am thinking till i get used to this like a few more days then i can venture out.

Have been drinking so much and have been peeing like mad as well. My lovely sister the nurse has been lecturing me about the dangers of a crash diet and how it so dangerous to drink so much water:sigh:. AAAH seriously, am 22 stone that alone means am in danger of a heart attack what with my dodgy knee. I know she means well its just not what i want to hear right now. She says though LP was developed by doctors she has had patients who developed health probs whilst on it. By the way she is quite petite so does not know the issues us fatties face.

Anyways i managed to cook a delicious meal for the family. I wont describe it but OMG it looked and smelt soooo good. I just had chicken soup.... ncarrrgh! Normally have take aways on Saturday my lil boy protested but hey we all need to lose those pounds lol. He had no crisps today just fruit and 20 minutes twice on his trampoline. I buy his generous fit jeans and trousers from BHS and States, so hell no boy has to lose some weight as well. His school has just added an extra PE lesson for him (a sign:eek:?).

Whenever i think of food i just distract myself with my ideal body and going to Topshop or Miss Selfridges to buy my dress. Yes size 12 or 10:D. Yes i want that lovely body and not have to feel so fat. So haters here i come!!!!!!!!!!

I can only try...... So far so good.



Fighting for My Health
Hmmm, the attitudes of thin people towards this diet can be very frustrating! It's true, a VLCD and rapid weight loss does come with some risk, and most people who've educated themselves before embarking on the diet will know these risks - granted some of them rare. However, being at such a high weight (my highest was just a pound short of 20st), I think there is a far greater risk to health. I was prepared to take these risks to get the weight off my body and regain some sort of quality of life and self esteem again. I want to see my children grow up! I'm not sure if I only had a few stone to lose I'd do such a drastic diet, but that said, come Jan I should only have a few stone left, and may very well re-start this diet post Xmas break. That's to be decided though!

Keep up the good work and heaps of luck for first weigh in. You're doing really well xx
Thanks Jayne33, you are doing great yourself have read your diary and for having come this far i commend you. I am following in you and all others` footsteps. Its really motivating to see that others have done. I too want to see my kids grow up, hence the drastic way. I have done some research prior to this lol. I think am so obsessed about how the diet works and the difference of it CD, LL and Exante etc. I hope this will help me to refeed properly and maintain when i have come to my goal weight. x
Day 5

Not bad a day. I went shopping with kids and OH. Went past Starbucks, then McDonalds and all i was thinking was foooooood. Yep stayed clear and just kept looking at the lovely clothes. Today i made sure i did not go Evans or New look Inspire:p.

Then went into Asda damn the chicken smelt sooo good. I swear to god the bread was calling me. Am not a bread person but it just looked so good could not stop wanting to smell it. Imagine how people would have looked at me lmao. Yes everything looked and smelt so good. I wasnt hungry no just wanted to taste it, feel it, touch it. Yes i thought this is better than.... But then it is jus food. Its not loving me back. Hmmm. I also had my eyebrows threaded for the first time ever it hurt but i must say it was bearable. Checkout lady at Asda said i had a beautiful face..... ncarrrgh. As you all know we want beautiful everything not jus face.

On a good note i cooked dinner again seriously i enjoy cooking:eek:. I suppose if i cook then dont eat i will manage my binging lol. I must be the only one who does this hehe. I dont know if am in ketosis or not but am not as hungry and my breath does not stink that bad.

Laters people xoxo


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really liking ur attitude, ur gonna do great xx

Been quite constipated these past 2 days:eek: (i know TMI). But stuck to it. God i was so uncomfortable and just not comfortable to sit lol but 2 max strength senokot and heaps of fiber clear later am sorted lol.

I am pleased to say av lost 11.6 pounds (5.3kg):clap:. So bloody pleased with myself.... Yep its been a long and tasting week but am glad i stuck to it, though i dont see it just yet. But then with the rolls of fat av got am not surprised lol. So my hunnies all i can say is; this Diva is here to stay. Laterz for now got to feed baby:)
well done on your weight loss hun, thats brilliant loss.
i like your attitude and i know you will get to your goal.
like you i have to cook dinners for husband and kids, i love to smell it while cooking, sometimes i even have my nose so near the food, hubby says i could inhale the food :D:D:D
well done on your weight loss hun, thats brilliant loss.
i like your attitude and i know you will get to your goal.
like you i have to cook dinners for husband and kids, i love to smell it while cooking, sometimes i even have my nose so near the food, hubby says i could inhale the food :D:D:D
lol you made me laugh hun... i too have been "inhaling" the food. I find that if i cook i dont want it as bad as when i didnt hmmm strange.

One of those days spent cleaning the house and trying to distract myself from it all. It doesnt help when you have a baby coz you have to make milk, snacks etc. It`s hard going to the kitchen and stoping myself from reaching for a biscuit, banana or just an apple:sigh:. Dont really miss food but just want to eat if that makes sense lol. Must say my energy levels are higher than normal yey! It helps in running after my gorgeous baby, she is all over the place at the moment so need the energy really. I am so dreading half term coz we normally eat out after cinema. My boy is autistic so definately will not understand us not going to eat out. On the other hand dont think he will appreciate mummy having a soup or milkshake at the restaurant hehe.

I am so glad am doing this wish i could have done it earlier. But then maybe it would not have worked as i would not have had the right frame of mind:).
DAY 20

OMG I cant belive its almost 3 weeks and haven`t cheated. My life has been crazy:cry: and have not had the energy to write anything down. Last WI Wed l lost 8lbs yey:). I have changed to Exante and must say for me it is just bliss. I felt my Lipotrim pharmacy was not giving me the best service and i just wasn`t getting my moneys` worth. For starters she did not give me the dvd, then could not calculate BMI. I just felt like she did not know what she was doing . Next WI my urine was not checked for ketones but my friend who goes to another pharmacy told me hers was. When we compared notes she seemed to get a lot of support from the pharmacist whereas i just spoke to the assistant. Don`t get me wrong the lady was lovely just did not offer me a good service.

After a bit of convincing myself i have moved to Exante...£11 cheaper a week:cool:.

So adios Lipotrimmers:D
Ahhhhhhhh Diva.. It will be sad to see you go, but i hope you do really well on Exante..

I have never had my urine tested, but if you are not happy with the service, as you say, it is a lot of money.. They should be more helpful.

That aside, you have had a great loss, so well done.. Come back and let us know how you are getting on.. I will be interested to see how much you lose on Exante.. Good luck hun x x

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