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Dizzy and nauseous...!


Determined and motivated!
Hi guys,
looking for a little help.
I've been having a hard week last week (TOTM) and its continuing into this week. I feel really low and if i had food in the house i know i would have eaten on saturday.
I've been feeling quite nauseous and when i stand up i am feeling really dizzy.

Has anyone else had similar feelings, and if so how can you combat these?

Any help much appreciated because i really don't want to give up....:sigh:
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I've been feeling really lightheaded for the past couple of weeks which I put down to low blood sugar because my blood pressure is fine. I think it's kind of to be expected. But, I have noticed that in the past couple of days I haven't felt it at all so maybe yours will pass too.

As with the nausea, not sure about that but maybe try some peppermint tea - mint is really good for nausea and it's allowed. Are you also drinking plenty of water?

Good luck, hope they both pass.


Determined and motivated!
Thanks for that Klo. I was worried maybe I was drinking too much water??
I do drink about 4-6 cups of green tea with mint daily. Could it be the caffine thats affecting me?

I just want to feel energetic, but to be honest I've been having about an hours nap every evening for about 5 days now! :(


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You've had such amazing weight losses so far so maybe your body has just got to catch up and get used to it.

I don't know about the caffeine but I guess it does push your metabolism up and so you are burning the little energy you're getting from your shakes even faster. That could probably explain your light headedness. Try a week only have 1 or 2 a day and see how you feel then? Someone else might know better though.
This probably isn't that helpful - but, when I did LT previously I was pretty lethargic the entire time - it wasn't great, but, I got used to it.

But, water really does make a difference! Try increasing how much you normally have! I've experienced the dizziness, but, not really the nausea, it's possible you might be ill with something unrelated?

Good luck!!



Determined and motivated!
thanks for all your advice guys. I know i'm in ketosis, purple pee stick and yellow fuzzy tongue, but i just can't shift this dizziness!! I drink 4 litres of water a day, loads of green tea, and a few glasses of soda water. To be honest, the tea and soda is to try and combat the hunger i am still feeling!!! I got into an old pair of size 16 skinny jeans tonight which is spurring me on immensley, i would just like to feel better!! I took the dog on an hours walk tonight and managed to avoid a nap!! I have auto-immune thyroid disease but i just got blood test results back and i'm stable..... i just hope one day i will wake up and feel the energy everyone keeps talking about lol
Thanks again guys.....i'll keep plodding on x
Monkey I am really fuzzy too and I never experienced this before, i've come to an understanding with my body, i'll get up as if i'm 90 as long as it doesn't let me down, I tried for a while to get up as quick as before and keep walking but gosh did my arm hurt as I fell over twice, so now I slowly get up have a look around to see if anyone is watching and then set off, it doens't stop the dizzyness but does save on bruises lol xx


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I had a light headed feeling but that did go. I felt my concentration had gone also. But that has passed now. I hope your feeling much better.
ps. I do keep reading that water does increase energy levels :0


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I am very tired too, The dizzyness is still there, but I am being careful to get up slowly. I only work 3 days per week, but am working hard from 8 to 3 with only a 10 min break about 2.30 so I tend to sleep quite a lot in the evenings, my get up and go has definately got up and gone and it's an awful drag to get up in the morning. But it's a small price to pay for the brilliant results this diet gives you. Hope you feel better soon x


Determined and motivated!
i think i will have to think before i stand, as i'm getting dizzy at work when i'm rushing around!!!
I'm not going to quit, you are totally right Nenya about the results! I'm feeling great about the way i look, and the weight-loss, just feel terrible in myself!! Hoping the long weekend coming up will sort me out!!!

Frannkidee, i'm teh opposite, i stopped suffering with heartburn as soon as I started on this diet! How long have you been on it? x

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