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Dizzy Spells?

I just wondered if anyone else is suffering from dizzy spells?

I just went into the kitchen to get my daughter a drink and nearly passed out :(

I had the same thing happen to me three times on Saturday too.

I have had no problems so far on this diet and I am doing 810 plan so I am still having 1 meal a day along with my 3 shakes, So I don`t understand why I keep getting dizzy spells??

I`m wondering if it`s down to the heat? I usually am for 3-4L of water a day, Maybe I should try and up it even more due to the heat??

I`m only in my 5th week, I don`t want to have to give it up but I have to be careful incase I really do pass out because of my daughter :(

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please try again
im currenty dizzy at least 50% of the day and have been since last week

no idea whats causing it but i wish it would stop!

could be the heat, i think my water intake has dropped a bit recenty so will be trying to drink more icey water to cool me down
Dehydration definitly contributes to dizziness.

I would try having an extra litre of water a day spread out and see how you feel. If you don't feel any better, speak to your CDC.

I did wonder if it is due to the lack of salt as we do sweat alot out when it is hot.


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I suffered from this a few weeks ago but I am on SS and I think it was dehydration. I this it is just the heat to be honest, but monitor it and take it easy.


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think its prob the heat as we dehydrate from sweat so need more
Thanks everyone for the replies x

I am going to try and do 4-6L of water today. Not quite sure I`ll make it :sigh: But will give it a go!!

My water has been slighly less the last few days and coupled with the heat, I reckon that`s most likely the issue.

I have work tonight so will also ask the Dr or Sister if they`ll check my BP for me ;)

Hope everyone else struggling with the dizziness is soon feeling better



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hope the water work and you feel better soon x
Thanks hun, Hope you have a great evening Xx


back once again
hey, :)

Hope your feeling better soon, I have had dizziness on and off since starting CD nearly 3 weeks ago.

X Debs X
i just went to go get water and got very dizzy. feels like a head rush. not just when i suddenly get up tho.

CDC told me i need more water. im drinking more water, on about 5litters aday. feels like i drink SOOOO much :(

but hoping its just the weather!!!

hope we stay steady SacredSilence with all this extra water!


please try again
lol the country will be dry soon with us lot drinking water like its going out of fashion
How are things today?
I mentioned getting my BP checked with the sister but then we forgot by the end of clinic :rolleyes: lol

I`m 4L, 4 cups of water at work and just under 2 pints down with my shakes today so I`m getting there ;)

I had to :8855: with the mention of a drought with the amount of water we`re drinking lmfao

I wonder if I`ll start sloshing as I walk along?? :8855::8855::8855::8855::8855:

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