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    The almighty Cambridge Diet
    Went to the gym yesterday did so running a few weights felt great thought I would do the same again today, was I wrong lol
    started off great did 150cals in 11 mins on cross trainer. Did some weights for 10 mins on shoulders. Then I decide to go for a run. Did my usual 1 min slow walk 1 min fast walk 1 min run etc did 180 cals now the room is spinning feels like I'm drunk.
    I know I done to much but I can't do anything else I'd be sitting in my hotel room thinking about food lol

    sorry to go on lol basically what are we burning when you go to the gym on the Cambridge diet??? Our Basel metobolic weight is well over what we eat on the Cambridge diet so in theory we have no calories in us when we go to the gym???

    Any answer welcome lol:D
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    Exercise needs quick energy. The body can burn fat slowly for our routine energy requirement but for running and aerobic exercise it uses glycogen (which is gone in ketosis) and carbs (which it can extract energy from much quicker and easier than fat!).

    On CD when there is no glycogen and no carbs, strenuous exercise is tricky as our body simply can't deliver energy to our muscles fast enough. Hence feeling dizzy and sick! X
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    I still go to gym but do lower intensity exercise and lighter weights and my body seems to be able to cope with that! Maybe you should just take or easier for a bit?!
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    Cambridge Diet
    I go to British Military fitness classes. On those days I do ss+. have my 3 packs over the day before I go and a lot of water, then a ss+ meal when I get home. Seems to work for me! x
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    Quite simply if person undertakes regular fairly demanding exercise whist consuming only 500 or so calories a day and limited carbs then the body is forced to find the fuel elsewhere - so it burns muscle tissue.

    And yes lack of sufficient carbs means insufficent glycogen to fuel the muscles as they undergo the stress of all this exercise. This can result in injury. Strenuous workouts are not advised on SS, SS+, or even 810. I believe 1000 calories daily is the minimum amount you can safely take when hitting the gym!

    Please check with your Cambridge Counsellor because you could be putting yourself in danger and, very soon, also suffering greatly slowed losses as the body conserves energy in the struggle to keep your vital body functions ticking over.

    Just remembered - when you exercise you tear muscle. The body repairs these tears, thus resulting, over time, in a greater muscle mass. Repairing tissue day after day requires, most of all, protein. If calories and protein in the diet are limited the muscles will simply 'eat' themselves. Ewww! But it has to come from somewhere. Even the heart is a muscle and yes it too will 'eat' itself so to speak if need be.
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  7. JonnyWopper

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    The almighty Cambridge Diet
    thanks for all the info guys. That's scary tbh it really is. The only reason I go to the gym is because it's something do. What do you lot do for entertainment? I think I'm going to cut down from the gym for a bit. It's always good to know these things
  8. Colony

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    Gentler exercise. Ride a bike, go for a walk, crack open a choc shake and watch telly?? Xx
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