1. lauraekeegan

    lauraekeegan Full Member

    Feeling very dizzy this morning. Have had a shake, 2 litres of water and a couple of coffees but am scared to stand up from my desk as every time I do I feel like I'm going to fall! ​
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  3. nomigippy

    nomigippy Full Member

    I get this every morning I wake up but comes back in the evening too
    Think it's just a side effect of vlcd
  4. weddingbelle

    weddingbelle Full Member

    I too am feeling really dizzy the last couple of days. I have a nasty head cold too though so that doesn't help matters. Hope it subsides soon for you xxx
  5. lauraekeegan

    lauraekeegan Full Member

    Hey Weddingbelle

    It's gone, thankfully! I just drank loads of water and it helped. Hope you feel better soon. xx
  6. Nikie

    Nikie Silver Member

    Glad you are feeling better Laura!

    I was in the office the other day and my boss asked me to run loads of errands and prepare 6 bundles for a meeting. And I wanted to leave at 4.30pm that day as I was going to O2, so I had to find and then photocopy 9 different documents (ranging from 21-69 pages long!) x 6 and labelling and filing them which took until 3pm and I had to then go on errands outside of the office! I was running around like a crazy person! I got back to the office slightly out of breath and red in the face and my boss said 'that's because of the stupid diet you are doing!'.

    I was like !!!!!!!!!!??????????????

    I have had slight dizziness on a couple of occasions but yes, drinking more water and taking it a bit slower and its fine!!
  7. jadelang88

    jadelang88 Full Member

    Was looking for a post like this!! I'm so dizzy 2day it's unreal, every time I get up I feel like I'm gonna pass out, pretty scary tbf! Drinking lots of water had my 2 shakes 3rd one due in 2 1/2 hours!!

    Ive not felt this bad so far

    #day 10
  8. Theresa1966

    Theresa1966 Silver Member

    I also get this sometimes especially if I have not drunk enough water or have been rushing around! I just try to drink more and get up slower!

    It does say that you can get this in the handbook!

    I remember looking it up when I had it! I find sometimes if I have not had my first product until late this can also be the reason.

    Take care x
  9. jadelang88

    jadelang88 Full Member

    Aww wat times do u av ur shakes Hun, I usually av em 11, 3, 7 ? N yh having some more water! Can u take extra suppleness whilst on cd like multi bits?? Xx
  10. horridreflection

    horridreflection Full Member

    I was dizzy today while shopping! Bought a bottle of water and took a bite of my choc mint bar! Deffo caused by rushing around ! If your struggling between shakes make up half? And more water and ice to make it up to full volume. I do that sometimes or I add half vanilla to a coffee with ice and blend. Hope u feel better soon xx
  11. Theresa1966

    Theresa1966 Silver Member

    Hi jade, not sure about vitamins would need to check the book will let u know! I have my shakes like this 1 around 12/1 for lunch and 1 at 6.30 when I get in then one about 8 which is normally a bar or mousse! I drink lots and lots of water! Xx
  12. Theresa1966

    Theresa1966 Silver Member

    Great idea! X
  13. jadelang88

    jadelang88 Full Member

    How do you do the mousses Hun? X
  14. Theresa1966

    Theresa1966 Silver Member

    jade you buy the mix a mousse powder which you add to a shake packet then add your water and whisk it will be thicker! I then put in fridge till thick and it's yummy and really filling! X

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